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Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil
"The Non-Soap®" Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil.

Customer Comments about:
Nourishing Body Bar

Sarah Cranston, SC
“I really thought it would be hard to be impressed by a "soap" - I mean, how good can it possibly be? But WOW - it's different than anything else I've ever used. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. My children also prefer it because it doesn't have an overwhelming harsh odor like so many other soaps and it doesn't irritate our extremely sensitive skin. You’ve got to try it!”

Linda Temple-Carrico, IN
“I had amazing results from using the nourishing body bar. My skin used to itch from head to toe. My results were immediate when I started showering with the Nourishing Body Bar. I have not had any itching episodes and I have also noticed that the texture of my skin has improved. I feel as soft as a newborn baby! I will always use this wonderful product!”

Matt Wells, MI
“I have used many hand soaps and body washes, but I have never felt so refreshed and clean as I do with Nourishing Body Bar! I'll never be without it!”

Arminda Royster, CA
"I have dry and sensitive skin. Every time I shave my legs, they become irritated. After the very first time I tried the Nourishing Body Bar, my legs were not irritated! My husband is a very skeptical person and he even noticed right away that my skin was clear and extra soft. I felt a difference all over, and I also use it on my two babies. It is so gentle, yet it leaves us feeling clean."

Pam Hodges, NC
“Nourishing Body Bar has been such a blessing to my family. It helps my 6-year-old daughter with her dry skin. She has stopped complaining about her legs itching so much. Thank you, again, for the Nourishing Body Bar.”

Pilar Ramirez, PR
“Just a month ago, I joined your company and I'm very, very happy that I got to know about your products, specially the Nourishing Body Bar. I have very dry skin, and since bathing with the Nourishing Body Bar, I don't have to use any moisturizer. I have talked to my friends so much about it that they’re now ordering it!”

James Bek, NC
“It’s so good to know that we are putting health onto our skin and not harsh chemicals. Thank you.”

Connie Powell, OH
"The Nourishing Body Bar is a wonderful product. It is all-natural and gentle on my fair skin. In addition to being gentle, I find it lathers better and leaves a very fresh, clean feeling on my skin. Another benefit is that one bar lasts a very long time. I will never be without this product!"

Karen Fox, IL
"I use the Nourishing Body Bar in the shower and love how it lathers up. It rinses away clean — no more soap scum. I also use it on my face to remove all my makeup — even my mascara. I love this product so much that I bought a case of it! Thank you, again, for this wonderful product!"

Marysue Harasch, CA
“I truly consider this a gift from God. I love knowing there is a company out there that I can trust to have safe ingredients for my family and me. I especially love the Nourishing Body Bar. My family uses it not only in the shower and bath, but every time we wash our hands. I love how soft it makes our skin feel. I'm so excited to be able to use the wonderful products! Thank you,again.

Jane Morrill, NY
“The other day, I was standing in line at the Post Office. A little girl was playing by her mother. I noticed how soft and smoothe the skin on her elbows was and unconsciously felt my own. Much to my surprise, the rough elbows I expected to find weren’t there. In their place were two soft and smoothe elbows. I have been using the Nourishing Body Bar for just a few weeks, and my elbows feel like a young child’s again. Thank you, again.”

Jill Coleman,
"Since I've been using the Nourishing Body Bar, my skin is not dry anymore and I rarely have to use lotion. It smells so good that it invigorates me in the morning!"

Debra Price, TX
"I have been using the Nourishing Body Bar for almost a month and I’ve noticed that it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I do not have a problem with itchy skin any more. Thanks, again!"

Janet Rockenfelder, OH
"I have been using the Nourishing Body Bar. It leaves my skin feeling so smoothe and soft even in the cold weather months. I highly recommend this bar for people with all kinds of skin. Thank you, again."

Bill Glines, CA
"I love the Nourishing Body Bar. I love the way it goes on, the way it feels on my skin, and the way it washes off. Also, it smells so good. Thanks - I am very hard to please!"

Johanna Harris, VA
"I have been using the Nourishing Body Bar for about two months and it has done wonders for my skin. Every time I use it, I feel clean and refreshed, and it has a nice fragrance, too. Before, I was prone to dry skin. The Nourishing Body Bar has made a huge difference, and it's nice to know that there are no harsh chemicals in it. Thanks for such a wonderful product."

Mary Wykes, TX
"I ordered several bars of the Nourishing Body Bar - I absolutely adore it! The rich, creamy lather is so soothing to my skin. I find myself staying in the shower or tub longer just to extend the pleasure of the experience. The Nourishing Body Bar, in combination with the Replenishing Body Lotion, has given my formerly dry skin a silky smooth texture. Twice in one day I was told that my hands were as soft as a baby's bottom!"

John Clark, RI
"Out with the soap and in with the Nourishing Body Bar! I have always experienced dry skin after showers, but using the Nourishing Body Bar has helped me overcome that feeling. The lather created and the feeling of cleanliness cannot be matched. I am constantly overwhelmed by these products. Thanks again."

Darlene Meeder, NY
"I love it the Nourishing Body Bar. Keep up the good work!"

Eric Romesburg, NC
"I noticed that arm pit odor would begin right after getting out of the shower. Then I found the Nourishing Body Bar. Now I come home from work, even after being nervous with a presentation, and there is no odor. I have been drenched with sweat from dancing or playing volleyball, and afterward I still don't have any odor. Thank you for creating a product that has eliminated my being self conscious about body odor."

Jeni Laxdal, NE
"The first time I used this luscious body bar, I was very impressed. It left my skin soft, cleansed, refreshed, and the body odor is gone - replaced with a very fresh, neutral, (no fragrance) clean scent. I have very sensitive skin and find the moisture to cleansing balance is fantastic and non-irritating! Keep up the great new products."

Jayne Smith, MA
"Since I have been using the Nourishing Body Bar, I have found that my skin is retaining its natural moisture, making it less noticible when I forget to put on lotion. The other thing that I love about this product is the great "coverage" I have gotten with a minimal amount."

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Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil

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Did You Know?
Many bar soaps contain trisodium nitrilotriacetate (trisodium NTA). Not only is this ingredient an "untouchable," it is also a known carcinogen.
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