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FAQ Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil
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FAQ Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil
"The Non-Soap®" Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions about:
Nourishing Body Bar

How is ‘traditional’ soap made?

Oils and sodium hydroxide (a strong lye) are mixed and heated until a portion of the lye is saponified (the lye is bound up and neutralized by the oil) leaving excess “free” lye that is not neutralized or “tied up.” Synthetic chemicals, such as NTA, are commonly used to make soap. NTA is a know carcinogen. Even if soap only leaves trace amounts behind, these may have a cumulative affect over time. There are no tests that show that humans or animals are not victimized by these trace amounts with continuous use. Due to advanced technology, the Nourishing Body Bar is processed in a manner that binds 100% of the lye without using NTA or any other harmful chemicals.
What essential oils are used in the Nourishing Body Bar?

The Nourishing Body Bar contains all-natural, aromatherapy quality oils. The refreshing lavender/grapefruit sensation is derived from the finest lavender flowers and grapefruit peels, plus the sweet oil from the ylang ylang flowers. No synthetic fragrances are used because of their potential toxicity.
What is the benefit of grape seed oil, olive oil, MSM, and BGSE in the Nourishing Body Bar?

Grape seed oil, olive oil, methylsulfonlymethane (MSM), and BioEnhanced Grapefruit Seed Extract (BGSE) nurture the skin, renew its moisture balance, and maintain its protective mantle. These high performance nutrients reduce aging and improve immune system functioning.
What does French-milled mean and why is it better?

The French-milled process used when producing Nourishing Body Bar creates a denser and longer-lasting bar soap. This 5.3 oz. bar is oversized as well, making it even more economical.
Why is the Nourishing Body Bar called "The Non-Soap"? How does it differ from other soaps?

Our Nourishing Body Bar differs tremendously from most bar soaps. Only all-natural, organic ingredients are used - alternatives to toxic chemicals typically used in soap. "The Non-Soap" is made from 100% fruits and vegetables; contains up to 16 times more vegetable glycerin; is made from the purest, all-natural ingredients; and is free of rancidity, synthetic fragrance, and harmful chemicals.
What is the benefit of neutralizing all of the free lye in the Nourishing Body Bar?

When the excess lye found in most bar soaps is not completely transformed or neutralized into the soap, it over-cleanses the skin, elevates the skin's natural pH level, depletes the skin's moisture, and negatively impacts the immune system. Nourishing Body Bar utilizes a Fatty Acid Complex to neutralize 100% of the lye, leaving your skin moisturized and conditioned, while enhancing your immune system.
How do the oils in the Nourishing Body Bar differ from oils used in other bar soaps?

Most oils are either synthetic petroleum oils, such as mineral oil or oils from animals (usually beef tallow). The most common vegetable oils are obtained from companies that collect the old deep fried oil from restaurants. These oils can create free-radical damage, accelerate the aging of the skin, and cause weakened skin health. The vegetable oils and glycerin within Nourishing Body Bar are secured fresh (not previously cooked) from the earth's most renewable vegetation. In fact, our soap contains up to 16 times more glycerin that most bar soaps for complete moisturizing, additional antioxidant protection, and complete nutrition for the skin.
Can the Nourishing Body Bar be used if you have sensitive skin?

Nourishing Body Bar is ideal for all ages and skin types. Even babies and people with sensitive skin will enjoy the soothing care and gentle cleansing effect provided with each use. The moisturizing properties of glycerin and olive oil will enable the driest skin to feel softer and more conditioned. (If you have sensitive eyes, avoid contact with the soap as the essentials oils may cause a stingy sensation.)
Can I wash my face with the Nourishing Body Bar?

While the Nourishing Body Bar will not harm your facial skin, is is recommended that you use the skin care products for facial care because they contain maximum antioxidants and nutrients specially formulated for that purpose.

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FAQ Natural French Milled Glycerin Soap with Essential Oils Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil

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Did You Know?
Many bar soaps contain trisodium nitrilotriacetate (trisodium NTA). Not only is this ingredient an "untouchable," it is also a known carcinogen.
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