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Original Goji Juice - The Product Made with Love!

Often I’m asked how is Original Goji Juice different. I mean with all the other juices on the market (noni, mangosteen, acai, limu, etc) what's the difference. Aren't they all the same?

There are a number of things, but I believe the biggest difference with Original Goji Juice is there's more love built into it than any other product. Here's why I can say this:

Of all those products mentioned and not mentioned it's the only product with over 8 years of study and research behind it before it was ever released into the market place. Could they have made a juice from goji berries and released it into the market place in 6 months? Sure they could have.

Ask yourself this question, if you already had a company and distribution channels in place how long would it take you take you to find a source of berries, fruit, etc. and bottle it into a juice? Maybe 6 months or so? So I ask you a question when a company takes over 8 years to bring something to market aren't they in effect trying to perfect the product? And of course who benefits from a superior product, ultimately the person using the product is the biggest beneficiary. When you really care you work to produce the very best product available, you don't take shortcuts.

I know of no other juice product on the market that even comes close to over 8 years of research prior to putting it on the market.

You have an opportunity to be apart of something extraordinary, a health product that will impact literally millions of lives around the world.

Let me ask you a question. When you do something out of love (true love) for something or someone do you behave in a selfish or unselfish manner? You typically sacrifice of yourself to benefit those people you love. Everything great starts at the top - when the top leader of an organization displays love it becomes contagious and It can permeate an organization. Whether you believe in the Christian religion like I do or not, one thing can't be denied. 2000 years ago 12 men with nothing but unselfish love risked their very lives to spread a Gospel that has changed the course of history and influenced people numbering in the billions.

I certainly don't mean to compare what we have here with being that important, only to point out how powerful love is and how it can greatly influence destiny.

There are a couple of old expressions, "Put your money where your mouth is" and "Money talks!"


  • A product in Original Goji Juice that tastes great, people love and is changing lives.

  • A product in Original Goji Juice with has the longest documented history of use (goji juice) going back over 4000 years, with over 88 peer reviewed scientific studies..

  • It has been featured in numerous publications (ABC news, The Today Show, Woman's World, Golf Magazine, MTV, Time Magazine named it the super fruit of the year and many more)

  • However, with all this still the greatest of all this is the love.

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