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How Does Goji Juice Compare to the Fruit Salad Products - the Ones With Up to 19 Different Fruits, Would More Fruits Not Be Better?

  • Well potentially with the right fruits and research the answer could be yes - reality, however, is another matter. If all you were talking about was vitamins and nutrients that would be one thing but the Goji Berry gets it's amazing health benefits from the goji lycium barbarum polysaccharides, which are not found in any other fruit or plant on earth. Going to the store and buying 15 different fruits and juicing them is not going to give you the same benefits as (goji) Juice.

  • Another thing to consider is something I call the threshold effect. With numerous different fruits in a bottle are you getting enough of each individual fruit to benefit you?

  • Also do the fruits enhance one another and work together or not? To those who study sports they know that the team chemistry of the players on the team is often more important than the individual talents of the players. Nutrition is no different. In reality it would take a lot of study and research to blend together a super mix of these ingredients. I have not seen the evidence with any of these fruit salad products to suggest a lot of research in this area.

  • Plus it's pretty obvious, like ball players not all fruits are created equal. Even these "fruit salad" products will have what they refer to as their "superstar" ingredient so until research proves otherwise in reality aren't all these other fruits essentially just filler? For those interested here's more on analyzing this type of product.

  • Standardization of Ingredients - Original Goji Juice is the only product I'm aware of that standardizes its formula for the highest amount of the active ingredient (goji lycium barbarum polysaccharides) - assuring consistent results with Goji Juice. These other jucies don't use a nutrition standardized formula. Thus you could experience different results with each batch of these other fruit products.

  • The first area is taste - I challenge anyone to find another one of these juices that most people preferred the taste of. That juice doesn't exist. Nobody can challenge us on good taste.

  • History of use as a health nutritional product - our goji berry is the longest in continual use going back about 4000 years.

  • Science behind the product- our goji juice product was many years in development bringing it to the market. Other products have taken less than a year.

  • Super Tonics - our Goji Juice product is made from the goji - goji is considered a super tonic meaning it benefits virtiually all body functions. These other fruits the last I checked were not considered super tonics. In other words these other fruits/products may be great as an antioxidant but fall short in other areas.

  • Results proven in tests. Our Goji Juice product is the only health juice product proven to provide health benefits/

  • Money Back Guarantee - Our Goji Juice product offers a money back guarantee.

  • The Goji juice product comes in full 1 liter bottles - many other juice products come in 750ml or only three-fourths of a liter bottles.

  • But here's what really sets us apart. At the end of the day do you really care if you're taking goji or noni or acai or whatever? Heck no! You want what works period! So in that vein.

  • Our Goji Juice product is the only nutritional juice product on the market with randomized double blind placebo controlled peer reviewed studies. We have three of these studies now with more on the way. These studies were conducted on human beings showing with 99% confidence 19 specific health benefits in 30 days or less.

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