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Now A Home Business Becomes Simple With Three Simple Steps

Take just a few minutes of your time to read this and I think you’ll find this greatly worth your while.

First I have a lot of home business related material on this website and you may be thinking “man I don't want to have to go through all of that, if the business is that complex I could never succeed.”

And you would have an excellent point, so why is all this material here on the website. Well I'll level with you, actually it serves several purposes. The first is to convince you that we can offer you more value if you decide to partner with us than you would find somewhere else.

The second reason has to do with internet marketing. I’ve been marketing online for over 12 years and so I have an in-depth knowledge in that regard and so a lot of the webpages also serve for the purposes of being found by those looking for a home business.

However, any idea this business is complex has now changed, because of a recent development with our business. More on this shortly.

Normally, the biggest hurdle someone faces with home business marketing is establishing product credibility in the marketplace. What do I mean by this. Well because there are so many competing products in a particular area the consumer has trouble distinguishing between products. If for example you are marketing a particular nutrition product your biggest challenge is to first get your prospect to believe yours is the best product and value for them. This trust me can take some effort and convincing.

Now here's where it gets fun and easy for us. We don’t have to do the step above. In fact I have people search me out because we have that step already done for us and in a big way. We don’t have to convince people our Goji product is credible and may be of benefit to the consumer. We have all of the following 3rd party information speaking highly of goji.

  • Time Magazine SuperFruit of the Year – Click Here.
  • Dr Oz on the Oprah Show – Click Here
  • From Golf Magazine - Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Liz Hurley swear by it. - Click Here
  • In Touch Magazine – Click Here!
  • New Women’s World Magazine - Click Here!
  • LA Times
  • MTV –
  • ABC News
  • And Many Others

So simply by showing people this information there’s little room to doubt the validity of Goji and Goji Juice. So we solved this first major hurdle just by being able to send someone to a website.

In the nutrition field which is super hot now, for those interested in a home businesses the next big obstacle I’ve seen is which product is better. For example let’s say you convince someone that the goji juice is a very valuable health product to take. However, now though the prospect may say “okay I understand goji is a good product, but there are many other health juice products on the market. How does is compare to noni, or mangosteen, or the acai berry or the amalaki fruit, or the aloe or seaweed based juice or what I call the fruit salad products which have 7-8 different fruits?”

Now here’s where the argument used to start, and previously it was like a dispute where it was his word against your word. That’s a tough case to win. Now however, it becomes like his word against your word - plus a whole bunch of concrete evidence in your favor. The other guy doesn’t stand a chance.

And here is the concrete evidence.

A rigorous randomized double-blind placebo controlled study that shows improvement in these 13 health areas below in only 14 days of use.

Here are 13 Health Benefits in 14 days called the effect

  1. GoChi Effect butonLess Fatigue
  2. Improved Athletic Performance
  3. Increased Energy
  4. Reduction of Stress
  5. Feeling Calmer
  6. Increased Ability to Focus
  7. Sharper Mental Acuity
  8. Better Quality of Sleep
  9. Easier Ability to Wakeup
  10. Feeling Healthier
  11. Feeling More Content
  12. Feeling Happier
  13. Improved Regularity

The point is none – I repeat none of these other juice products can produce a study like this showing these health benefits. And so I ask the question about these other juice products, if your product is that good why not subject it to the same rigorous study?

Now combine this with superior taste, superior science, superior marketing, superior management decisions and a clear cut winner (as a home based business) will ultimately emerge from the health juice jungle. And when it does think of the impact on your business being a part of the winning team.

So here's the easy formula we have for your success.

1. We first simply show someone the Time Magazine, and Oprah, and Golf and ABC and LA Times, etc articles.

2. Next we show them the following videos on a website.

3. Next we may have them listen to a conference call or one of your associates. That's about it, simple, easy and to the point.

If you’ve ever wanted to change your financial future this is about as good as it gets. The timing right now with this company and product couldn't be any better. Contact us today for more information.


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