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Great Opportunity - Jiaogulan Tonic. There's never been a product like this. It can Make You a Fortune!

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Super (Simple) Success System

  1. First you have a product that's the first product to introduce a brand new category of products. This is not a juice - it's a Tonic. This is the greatest nutritional product in the history of the Direct Selling Industry. Mark my words time will prove me right in that statement- I've never seen another product like this in my almost 15 years in this industry. And I've seen a bunch Goji Juice, Noni Juice, Aloe vera juice, Acai Berry Juice, chewable vitamins, Mangosteen, healthy chocolate and more. And when you consider how it works - it improves circulation and micro-circulation up to 50% within 30 minutes of taking it. Think about that, that means you're getting more oxygen and nutrients to every cell and organ of your body. Common sense simply dictates that if you get more nutrients and oxygen to your cells, every part of your body is going to be healthier. And that's just the beginning - there are over 300 studies documenting over 54 separate health benefits.
  2. Perfect Ground Floor Timing - This product only started shipping to customers on September 21, 2009. When you have an outstanding product Timing is the Number 1 factor when it comes to creating big success in the home business industry. Call it ground floor, what-ever, it's like the Holy Grail of marketing. Most people search for it their whole life and most of them wind up a day late and a dollar short. Well not only is this timing like you're searching for, but only a couple weeks old timing with a product that trumps everything else in the industry.
  3. Third is the inexpensive cost to get started plus all the intangibles like comp plan, company vision and integrity plus passion. (See more info below)
  4. Fourth is passion (Viral marketing) - all of the above leads to a total passion about this product and opportunity and what it can do for people. Passion moves mountains in this industry. Passion also creates what I would call the Second Holy Grail of Marketing, which is viral marketing. For those who don't know viral marketing is where your business grows/spreads on its own because people are telling other people.
  5. All the Extras We Provide You - You're not on your own - we care about your success. Contact us -simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
The earnings on this page are not necessarily representative of the income you will earn. We make no guarantees of projections of income, as such representation may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities and how effectively you exercise these qualities.

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Advanced Information -Not for those Just Getting Started!

Our Goal is To Make this Business as Simple as Possible for New People Getting Started to Succeed. Thus Once Someone Becomes Established:

The Information Below is for Those Wanting a Greater Understanding of this Business and/or Those People Who Desire to be a Home Business Superstar.

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