Home Based Business Janitor Jim Prospecting Success System

I'm sure if you're anything like me you see just South of a million offers a day to market products. In 14 years of marketing online you see some so ugly you're afraid to look in the mirror for a couple days, praying it wasn't contagious.

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So what makes what I have so special, is it lipstick on a pig or is it a potential beauty contest winner in your eyes.

Here's why I believe it's the latter and worthy of you indulging your brain cells for a least a cup of coffee with it. First let me assure you it doesn't have a bad case of BO like so many offers you might receive.

I don't know how you're doing with your business. You could be totally kicking fanny. Or you could be greatly affected by the downturn in this economy. Either way hear me out.

You could disagree, however, I believe that smart business decisions, especially in today's environment involves creating an additional source of income that allows you to leverage your time while creating a more lucrative upside.

What I'm talking about involves putting local small business people to work for us (using the principal of reciprocity) While also taking advantage of all the people looking for some type of home business in today's economic environment. We're talking a system that once you get it up and running, typically with a minimum of effort, will create a return each month that far exceeds your time spent. More effort will only increase your return.

I'm on a real mission to help just as many people as possible and am contacting people everyday in this regard. I'm just getting started with this campaign as this system I've developed is brand new. Those getting involved early also stand to benefit further from those people like yourself that I will be contacting at a later date. Some people are luckier than others.

Consider This Fact - Over 35 different Directors and movie Studios turned down the script for the Movie Rocky. They thought it sounded like a stupid idea. I know I will be turned down but I will also have people with great vision see what will be accomplished here.

You may be thinking there's just too much effort involved for the return on my time investment. This is totally different. Put on your vision cap for a minute. In spite of what you think (good or bad) about the Direct Selling business, there are literally millions of people involved in 100's of companies. Just think for a minute if you had a powerful magnet that would attract those people. Not only would you have them as customers you would have something far superior than a customer. A marketing rep who's working to help you get even more customers. Virtually all these marketers in these other Direct Selling companies have one basic problem with their business, my system solves that problem. So imagine people from all these various companies very interested in working with us and for us. That is cash cow power.

I'm mainly looking for people who have small business contacts in their local area and/or someone who's dedicated and can see the huge potential of what I'm talking about.

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True Wealth has always been created by developing a better way for doing a current process. Thus allowing a person to accomplish much more with less effort - Jim Sapp (Janitor Jim)

(Watch the 2 minute and 34 second video below for great insight on this superior system.)

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