Home Based Business Janitor Jim Prospecting Success System
Ex-Bank Janitor and Internet Marketer develops a home business system
Home Based Business Janitor Jim Prospecting Success System
Janitor Jim™ Home Business
which brings interested prospects to you! 

True Wealth has always been created by developing a better way for doing a current process. Thus allowing a person to accomplish much more with less effort - Jim Sapp (Janitor Jim)

Which of these people are you:

The home businessperson just looking to make some additional extra income of perhaps $500 per month.
Are you the guy looking to quit his job and be able to earn a full time income at home.
Are you the guy with big dreams wanting to make life style changing income.

No matter which one of these people are you the Janitor Jim™ Home business system is for you.

I want you to picture the following scenario.

It's 1890 and you're wanting to start a business. The goal of your business is to take a product and get acceptance and popularity for it in a small town. Then take that popularity and take the product to a new and bigger town telling people how well it worked in the previous town. Then move on and take it to a bigger city in the State and do the same thing. And then take it to the next State, and next State and then eventually across the entire country.

1890's Train Station - Original Art by Grace Sapp

Wow, imagine the business you would have. You would undoubtedly be one of the richest men or women in the country and you would benefit a lot of people in the process.

However, it's 1890 and very few homes have a telephone, the radio, TV and the internet haven't yet been invented.

Fortunately we're not in 1890, we have the internet, which is the most powerful medium ever invented.

With the internet we have the ability to reach select individuals in various towns and cities throughout the country and even the world. Heck, I've been very successfully doing this since 1995.

The Flaw in the Traditional Prospecting System

The problem I've had and really virtually everyone using the internet has had since it's invention is this.

We've been able to find individuals in various communities through out the country, however when we would find a representative or agent in a community the Traditional system would let us down. I'm referring to the Traditional system of simply making a list and contacting friends and family. Anyway the Traditional system greatly falls down in it's ability to then spread the product and business like a virus in that community.

The reason for this system break down is too much depends on the agent – rep contacting numerous people in his area. Typically this new agent – rep makes a list of contacts (friends and family) then contacts a few people on the list. They for the most part tell him they're not interested and the new rep basically gives up and the business in that area stops growing.

The problem with this is the distribution method. Once the system gets into the local community it relies on a very unreliable resource. That resource is the individual rep and his desire to contact the people on his list. (Now don't get me wrong I'm not totally condemning the local rep. They're working with a flawed distribution model.)

Here is where it all breaks down. Sure the new rep is motivated at first but soon as he or she meets resistance they slow down and even eventually stop contacting people.

It's like a vicious cycle, the reason people are rejecting the business offer is because what they really are rejecting is a flawed system. Which makes people more discouraged and you are left with what I just described in the previous paragraph.

Here is where the Janitor Jim™ Prospecting System steps and not only fixes this problem but also propels your business to new heights.

So what we do to remedy this situation is fix the distribution method. We will use the Internet as a model. Why does the internet work? Simple it basically sits like a billboard next to the side of the road, it works as long as people are driving by it. It attracts people and brings them into your business.

What we do is in effect place small billboards in a number of business locations. We do this early on with the new distributor rep, while they are still excited. Once these small billboards are placed in the local community they go to work for us even if the distributor rep stops calling people on his list.

Plus now you have a model that not only excites the distributor rep, but also interests the people on his list he or she is contacting. Now these same people who previously weren't interested in our previous distribution system are typically very interested. They see a system that works and they see an opportunity to make some real money and want to be a part of it.

Now we're able to spread out into the community and quickly grow our business. And now we can easily take this model and do the same thing in another community.

I studied to be an engineer and worked as a technical person for over 20 years. It was my job to either figure out what was wrong with a device or system or to analyze if there were any inherent problems and if the proper requirements were being met.

Thus I believe I'm uniquely qualified to look at problems with systems and offer fixes.

The solution most home business marketers had to the problems associated with the typical distribution model of making a list of friends and family and contacting them was always keep contacting more people.

I don't know about you this seems really dumb, especially from an engineering standpoint. That's the equivalent of designing a new computer for example and one particular part keeps failing and the solution the boss comes up with is just keep getting parts until you get one that works.

We would never do that in an engineering world, that's too costly, we've got to figure out why that part is failing and come up with a fix.

In the home business world that attitude is especially cold and heartless. It's basically saying there are throw away people. If one person don't work throw them away and get a new one. I don't believe anyone is a throwaway person. Everyone is special and that is why we've come up with a system (the Janitor Jim™ system) to help everyone including people who would have previously been discarded.

There is a reason I call this the Janitor Jim™ System – I worked as a janitor for 15 months many years ago. To a certain degree working as a janitor I felt discarded and like a second class citizen.

I have total confidence this system will change the way home businesses are conducted. And when you're that confident you get real bold. I'm looking for people who want to be a part of something revolutionary.

A revolutionary system that brings local prospects to you and your people on a regular basis even when you're not working. This concept will allow us to spread out and capture the business in a community.

Then I'll show motivated individuals how to expand this to other communities.

I personally have never seen anything like this - compare this to any recruiting program or lead generating system. It will outperform them all. Check out the video and other information below.

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