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Jule of the Orient Freelife Jiaogulan Tonic Improves Micro-Circulation in Study

Jule of the Orient bottle Jiaogulan Tonic The Immortality HerbJiaogulan Improves Micro-Circulation in Study

Proper circulation is essential for health and longevity. Although many people may be familiar with veins and arteries, they may not know most of the vital functions of circulation are actually performed in the microcirculation network of capillaries.

These tiny blood vessels – many of which are only 1/10th the diameter of a human hair – are essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s organs and tissues, and also for removing carbon dioxide, metabolic wastes, and toxins. The human microcirculation network is vast, containing more than 18,000 miles of capillaries to feed the body’s 10 trillion cells.

Many factors can adversely affect microcirculation, including stress, and tobacco and alcohol use. Poor microcirculation also plays a significant role in various debilitating conditions.

Because of its wide-ranging effects on health, scientists have been exploring ways to improve microcirculation, with much current research being focused on the body chemical nitric oxide. Secreted in the lining of blood vessels, nitric oxide allows veins, arteries, and capillaries to relax so that blood can flow normally through them. Without adequate nitric oxide, microcirculation can be significantly impaired.

The Chinese herb jiaogulan has attracted the interest of scientists ecause of its demonstrated ability to increase microcirculation in in vitro laboratory studies. According to noted pathologist and medical professor Dr. Jialiu Liu, jiaogulan’s circulation-enhancing effects result from increased nitric oxide release in the capillaries,which is mediated by bioactive jiaogulan compounds known as gypenoside saponins.

More Study Information on Jiaogulan Tonic

Jiaogulan is an Asian rainforest herb whose traditional use is backed by more than 300 scientific research papers attesting to profound and diverse health and wellness benefits unprecedented by any plant in nature.

In the mountain rainforests of southern China where it is grown, jiaogulan is treasured above all other healing plants. In certain villages where it is used regularly, the inhabitants are said to have a history of living exceptionally long and healthy lives. This is why jiaogulan is often referred to as xiancao – the "Immortality Herb."

Jiaogulan’s history of traditional use for health and longevity has now been scientifically validated, with more than 300 scholarly research papers attesting to diverse and wide-ranging health and wellness benefits that may very well eclipse those of any plant found in nature.

As an herbal adaptogen, jiaogulan helps to bring balance to the body by improving stamina, endurance, and immune function. Adaptogens are exceedingly rare in nature – only 1 in 40,000 plants qualify – and their benefits are said to be due to the presence of bioactive principles called saponins. With an unmatched total of more than 100 different saponins, jiaogulan is regarded by leading experts as the world’s most potent adaptogen. They attribute this not only to the exceptionally high number of saponins in jiaogulan, but also to its high content of gypenosides, an especially powerful class of saponins not found in any other species.

The world's leading expert on jiaogulan, the eminent pathologist and medical professor Dr. Jialiu Liu. Dr. Liu emphasized the importance of standardizing a tonic to a consistently high gypenoside content. And, he strongly recommended using the entire plant; not just the leaves as are used in ordinary jiaogulan preparations. As Dr. Liu explained, this is the only way to capture jiaogulan's full spectrum of gypenosides.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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