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OsteoSoy Women's Health Soy Calcium Product

*Individual Results - Results may Vary From Person to Person

Joyce L. Bowman, IA
“I started taking OsteoSoy to get rid of hot flashes and it worked! I also found that I am sleeping better and I’m not moody, either.”

Yvonne Sperandeo, IL
"I started going through menopause a couple of months ago. I was having hot flashes and had very little energy to get through the day. Since I started taking OsteoSoy, I have had wonderful results. I sleep through the night and I have no more hot flashes. Thank you, again, for making this amazing product!"

Myrt Liebig, SD
"One restless night I woke up and started reading the 'Vitamin Bible' and learned that my lack of sleep could be due to low calcium. I started taking OsteoSoy and now I sleep like a baby. I don't have anymore hot flashes."

Nellie Grose, TX
"I love OsteoSoy. It combines the best of minerals, herbs, and soy for menopausal and premenopausal women."

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comments women's health hot flashes calcium menopause symptoms minerals, herbs, soyOur No Risk 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
What Customers Say
About OsteoSoy®...

"I started taking OsteoSoy and now I sleep like a baby, don't have anymore hot flashes and have relief from my ankle discomfort."*
Myrt Liebig, SD


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Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Did You Know?

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects more than 25 million Americans.

One daily dose of OsteoSoy contains the isoflavone (phytoestrogens from soy) equivalent to 6 oz. of tofu - twice the average intake of Asian women with the lowest breast cancer rate, and 60 times the average American daily soy quota.

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