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Frequently Asked Questions about:

OsteoMate Women's Health Soy Calcium Product

Do I need to take OsteoMate if I am already taking Re-Vert?
Actually all the ingredients in OsteoMate are contained in Re-Vert.

How can I tell if OsteoMAte is absorbed?
Drop a tablet into a glass of warm water. Within 30 seconds the tablet begins to disintegrate the way it should. Try that with a store bought calcium and magnesium supplement - you'll see the difference.

Why are there other herbs in the formula?

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What Customers Say
About OsteoMate™

"I started taking OsteoMate and now I sleep like a baby, don't have anymore hot flashes and have relief from my ankle discomfort."
Myrt Liebig, SD


Just What the Doctor Ordered!


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