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Natural Hair Shampoo Comments w/ MSM Lotus Blossom Ylang Ylang Quassia Essential Oils
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Natural Hair Shampoo Comments w/ MSM Lotus Blossom Ylang Ylang Quassia Essential Oils

Remove Pollutants From Your Hair, While Adding Volume, Manageability, and Shine!

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Silk Essence Shampoo

Natural Hair Shampoo Comments w/ MSM Lotus Blossom Ylang Ylang Quassia Essential Oils

*Individual Results - Results may Vary From Person to Person

Vickie Walker, NC
“I have been using the Silk Essence Shampoo for several months and have been very pleased with the manageability of my hair. Then, I used it on my 5-year-old granddaughter who was visiting. She has VERY long hair that is normally tangled so badly that it’s a painful process to get it brushed. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to comb through her hair with no problem after using Silk Essence Shampoo.”

Karen Wessling, TX
“I have been using the Silk Essence Shampoo for about five months now and I love it. Not only does my hair shine, but it doesn't fall out as much. Thank you so much for the great product.”

Sherrie Johnson, IL
“I get continuous compliments on how beautiful my hair looks and it is growing remarkably faster than ever before.”

Daphne Burgos, NC
“I recently purchased Organic Essentials Silk Essence Shampoo. My hair was so dry, brittle, and most of all dull. It had no shine. After washing my hair with Silk Essence Shampoo, the difference was amazing. My hair has never looked or felt so healthy! It added the body and shine I needed. Thank you, again.”

Bridget McAllister, NY
"I color my hair every three months with a permanent formula, and in between that time I use a temporary formula to cover my roots. After the last time I colored my hair, I used Silk Essence Conditioner. My hair came out wonderful! It brushed out beautifully while it was wet and it felt great. I have continued to use Silk Essence Conditioner for the past six weeks. My hair color has stayed truer longer, and my hair is healthier and growing like crazy. It feels better, looks better, and I have no split ends for the first time in years. I absolutely love Silk Essence Conditioner."

Bridget Johnson, CO
“I have been using the Silk Essence Shampoo for six months. I just love the way it makes my hair feel. Just this week the shampoo was really put to the test. I ran out of Silk Essence Shampoo (poor planning on my part) and had to use some baby shampoo that has been lying around my house from before I started using the Silk Essence Shampoo. My hair doesn't have the fullness that I had last week and the real kicker is that my hair started falling out the first day that I had to use the baby shampoo. I couldn't believe it, my hair hasn't fallen out like that since I started using the Silk Essence Shampoo. Thanks for this wonderful product. I will make sure never to run out again!”

Vangie Apacible, IL
“I used to have a very dry, itchy scalp and would lose many hair strands with each shampoo. No matter what kind of shampoo I used, the relief was only temporary. I have been using Silk Essence Shampoo for over three months, and I no longer have the dry, itchy scalp that I used to have. My hair shines more and is never oily. The biggest surprise for me is that I am not losing as many hair strands as I used to with each shampoo! I'm so happy with the results that I can't thank you enough for this wonderful shampoo!”

Marsha Kaehler, IL
“I have been having a problem with extremely dry hair that has gotten worse as I get older. Today I used the Silk Essence Shampoo and the Silk Essence Conditioner, and for the first time my hair feels silky smooth and not at all dry. I don't ever recall having my hair feel so conditioned but not greasy. I love it!”

Wendy Benkley, MI
“ Silk Essence Shampoo is awesome! I have never had such soft, shiny, clean hair. The word ‘silk’ in its name is right on the mark! It has such a wonderful smell with that delicate touch of almond, and I am amazed that about a teaspoon of shampoo yields a head full of rich lather. One bottle has lasted almost three months. I am so pleased with this product and the fact that it contains no harmful ingredients is comforting. I have a new grandbaby due soon, and I will be purchasing some for the wee one. Thanks, again, for such a great product!”

Jodie Chastain, MN
"I have long, naturally curly hair that tends to frizz, but with Silk Essence Shampoo, the frizz is under control. My hair comes out soft and shiny, and the shampoo adds definition to my curls. I will never give up my Silk Essence Shampoo. Thank you!"

Cheryl Tindle, KS
“We have very hard water, and using a conditioner has been a must every day or my hair is frizzy and dry. Since using Silk Essence Shampoo, I no longer need a conditioner! Using a conditioner is a treatment and no longer a daily necessity! And the smell is awesome! Thanks for such great quality products!”

Todd Stenzel, NY
“Silk Essence Shampoo is great. I have tried a lot of shampoos they make my scalp itchy and my hair doesn't feel soft. I have been using silk essence for two months now my scalp is not itchy and my hair is soft. My family uses it and they love it. We will never buy shampoo from the store again. This is the best thing for our hair.”

Linda Garcia, MI
"I have tried many shampoos and only liked one of the more expensive brands on the market. However, since trying Silk Essence Shampoo, I cannot believe how wonderful it is for my hair. It puts it in better condition instantly. The texture and manageability are incredible. Thanks, again!"

Tina Roeber, IL
“I had been using a ‘no-more-tears’ brand shampoo for my son from birth to age 4 1/2. He would still cry if it got in his face, even with his eyes closed tightly. I began using Silk Essence Shampoo as soon as I learned of toxins found in almost all other shampoos. Surprisingly, Silk Essence Shampoo does not irritate his eyes. His hair, though short, is shinier and healthier than ever before, even without conditioner. The pure, non-toxic ingredients in Silk Essence makes it an excellent baby/child shampoo.”

Lorna Mitchell, CT
"I love Silk Essence Shampoo. I have tried 20 other shampoos and gave them all away. I wore my hair spiked and with gel, and now I wear the natural look and get many compliments about how nice my hair looks.”

Lillie Watson, OH
"I like everything about Silk Essence Shampoo, but I am truly amazed at the way it protects my hair color. I actually had to check my calendar to see when I had the last color treatment - it's been 5 weeks! Before Silk Essence, the color would fade in about 3 weeks and I would look very drab until my next appointment. Thank you for a great product!"

Margaret Overweg, SD
"I used to get headaches after shampooing my hair. After using Silk Essence shampoo, NO HEADACHE! This was after only one shampoo! My son also had the same experience. We will always use it."

Lori Solis, WA
"People who never noticed my hair before, comment on how bright and shiny my hair is!"

Denise DeGroot, CA
“Since I've begun using the Silk Essence Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair has become thicker, shinier, healthier, and is growing faster than ever before! My previous shampoo made my scalp itch, especially when my hair was wet. With Organic Essentials Silk Essence Shampoo, the itching is gone. A few months ago, I ran out of Silk Essence Shampoo and used my previous shampoo again. After just one use of my previous brand, my scalp started itching again. I'll never run out again!”

Sharon Caple, NC
“I wanted to share my experience of the Organic Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner. As a black woman, I have limitations on which products will and will not work on my hair. So I was not overly excited about trying something new. But a dear friend suggested that I try it, and I was definitely impressed. The shampoo was very good to my scalp, especially after receiving a touch-up on my relaxer. I was also satisfied with the conditioner. So these are two more products that I will use.”

Lucinda, MN
"I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and perfumes. I have had a tender scalp for years and sometimes it gets irritated from the use of the products I have used. Since I started using the Silk Essence Shampoo, my scalp has been fine and my hair is so manageable."

Sherry Strelow, VA
"After using Silk Essence Shampoo and Conditioner for a few months, my hairdresser commented on how soft and shiny my hair was!"

Connie Cook, WV
"I absolutely love Silk Essence Shampoo and Conditioner. I color my hair and it leaves my hair healthy and looking great. I haven't used any other product since I started using Silk Essence."

Renee Fink, CA
"Thank you for the Silk Essence Shampoo & Conditioner - they are wonderful! I felt a difference after using them for just one day. The curl in my hair seemed rejuvenated and didn't sag or frizz by the end of the day!"

Irene Salazar, CA
"Before I used Silk Essence Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair, especially my gray hair, was unmanageable. Since using these products, my hair, even the gray, has become more manageable, shinier, softer, and bouncier. Even my sons, who have crew cuts, commented that their hair no longer feels rough but soft."

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"People who never noticed before comment on how bright and shiny my hair is.*” Lori Solis, WA

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