Home Based Business Janitor Jim Prospecting Success System
Ex-Bank Janitor and Internet Marketer develops a home business system
Home Based Business Janitor Jim Prospecting Success System
Janitor Jim™ Home Business
which can easily increase your success rate by a staggering 400% or more! 

True Wealth has always been created by developing a better way for doing a current process. Thus allowing a person to accomplish much more with less effort - Jim Sapp (Janitor Jim)

(I'm not trying to sell you any kind of info product, etc. However, I would like to introduce a new system that can bring you an additional revenue stream as well as additional prospects that may be interested in what you are currently marketing.)

(Watch the 2 minute and 34 second video below for great insight on this superior system.)

In a nutshell we're talking about an innovative system that gets targeted prospects looking at your product for virtually free.

If you're anything like me you probably would like more targeted prospects looking at your product and or marketing program. Thus if you think it would be extremely valuable to have large numbers of small business people providing you targeted prospects on a daily basis then check out what I'm doing.

Now through my webpages which I had positioned well in the search engines I had plenty of people (customers and business people coming to my websites), literally 100,000's over the years. And I've been able sign up in the tens of thousands (customers and those also interested in marketing).

However, during that time I would also reach out and actively try to recruit other marketers like myself. Experienced marketers like myself who already had at least some track record of success. I had some success with this approach, but not as much I would have liked. So to improve...

First I had to rethink my marketing approach.

Now I've been marketing online for 14 years now and the mistake I used to make in trying to go after marketers in other companies was I would directly try to sell somebody on my product. I can't say that I didn't have success but that approach wasn't nearly as effective as taking the approach of solving problems for people (win-win business relationships). Once you figure out a way to solve their problem they buy pretty easily.

The second approach I took at improving this marketing process was thinking what type of person (marketer, small business person, etc.) could best help me move my product or business forward. Then thinking what were some of the biggest problems they faced and then help them find a solution for those problems so I could in turn gain their assistance.

Third approach I took at improving the marketing process involved figuring out an area where there is little competition marketing in that area thus making it much easier to produce much greater results with the same or even less effort.

There is a market that most online marketers are over looking that one has almost no competition and two is extremely lucrative. In addition it's a market that's really motivated to find economic and marketing solutions.

Oh one more thing...

Oh one more thing this dovetails nicely in with social networking sites like Twitter. Why do most people want to get followers on Twitter? If it's from a business standpoint the hope is followers evolve into potential clients. But what if you're ugly! Don't be offended - let me explain. If you were to post to singles dating site and you posted a really really ugly picture, even if you had a lot of people looking at your picture you probably wouldn't get too many dates. Well "Twitter Ugly" simply means your offer looks ugly so no matter how many people are following you very few people are interested.

It doesn't do any good to have a million followers on Twitter or any social networking site if what you are offering is unattractive. It's simple if you have a bunch of followers but nobody is interested in what you offer it means your offer is unattractive and needs to be prettied up. Think of a beautiful girl - she isn't going to have any problem getting men interested. The same applies to any marketing offer - if the offer is attractive people will be interested.

I personally have never seen anything like this - compare this to any recruiting program or lead generating system. It will outperform them all. Check out the video and other information below.

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