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Article - The Incredible Original Goji Juice Phenomenon

Original Goji Juice featured in Entertainment Weekly Article AntiAging and Health

My sincerest congratulations to each and every one of you for participating in a truly historical moment! You can call it a "tipping point," momentum, or better yet a Goji Revolution. But, whatever name you put on it is truly awesome.

We introduced the World to Original Goji Juice less than one year ago, and in that time we have literally made Goji the "in" thing. Did you see the national publication "Entertainment Weekly" a few weeks ago? In it they mention "goji" as being "in." Have you ever seen that before with another company in our industry? I haven't. It was there because goji is "in" and it's the talk of the nutritional industry around the world. But what we have is not just goji juice - it's Original Goji Juice, a true original. Rest assured, the years of research has assured that there is no other product like it, anywhere. Incredibly, we are just getting started.

Think about where Original Goji Juice will be one year from now!

Every month this year has been a record for Original Goji Juice sales. As I write this email, worldwide sales of Original Goji Juice is up over 17 percent from the same time last month, yet August is supposed to be a "slow" month in our industry. Our fastest growing country right now is Australia, up over 100 percent from the same time last month. If this is happening in August, can you imagine what is going to happen in September?

There is no doubt about what is driving our growth. RESULTS! Customers all over the world are getting the results they want with Original Goji Juice.

This precious berry, first discovered by the Himalayan healers thousands of years ago, seems to help with virtually every single cell in the human body.

When you are restoring health to your cells, magical things happen. For me, this is the most gratifying aspect of our business. It is so rewarding for me to hear of the health benefits that Customers all over the world are experiencing with Original Goji Juice.

I want you to know that we are well prepared for the growth that lies ahead. We are hiring more team members in the Home Office, locating additional warehouse space around the world, and carefully monitoring minor challenges that come up from time to time for companies fortunate enough to experience the kind of growth we are having.

Our international expansion plans have come along spectacularly, with six new countries opened this year, and two more (Philippines and New Zealand) to come soon. The reception Original Goji Juice has received from around the world has been truly inspiring. We have just scratched the surface of where we are going and we are totally committed to making Original Goji Juice a billion dollar worldwide brand name.

I want to thank you for your commitment to bringing Original Goji Juice around the world. You are part of a movement that is having great benefit to many, many people.

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Original Goji Juice

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Original Goji Juice

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