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Gaining the Mental Edge

Nutrition for Improving the Memory and Increased Mental Focus

Article by Nick James:

What are you looking for? Increased mental focus? Better mental imagery? Perhaps you are a student preparing for a test. Perhaps you are a corporate executive who needs to be at peak mental performance, or salesperson ready to call on an important client.

Perhaps you are an avid golfer or other athlete who can benefit from vivid mental imagery like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and most all other superstars of sports utilize. Whatever your goal this information is designed to help you lead your field by improving your mental abilities and focus.


The following nutrients are recommend by the American Memory Institute as beneficial in improving the memory and helping to improve mental focus.

B-Complex Vitamins
Vitamin C
Gotu Kola
Ginkgo Biloba
Vitamin E
Niacin Pantothenic Acid
Huperzine A

Amazing Brain Nutrients Choline and Lecithin

Our brains have a neurotransmitter called acetycholine that helps us remember stuff. Throughout life, our brains make that memory transmitter from the enzyme choline, which is naturally, available in the body. Problem is, doctors think our bodies make less choline as we age. Lecithin is one' of the few things we can eat that can help the body secrete more choline.

Be sure to choose a multi-vitamin which contains choline.

The best lecithin food sources are soy, liver, egg yolks and peanuts. However, all of those foods also are high in fat and cholesterol. And the problem is most people cut out these foods as they become more health-conscious or desire to lose weight. Lecithin also is plentiful in soybean products, however most people can't stand soyburgers or liver.

Boron - An Important Nutrient not for Morons

Boron is a very important nutrient. One particular study showed that people who consumed 25 mg of Boron a day scored better on manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, attention, memory, and perception tests than those who didn't. This is roughly the amount contained in three-quarters of a cup of peanuts.

Boron is also found in fruits, nuts and vegetables, and while it is not considered an essential nutrient, but researchers have found that it may help boost brainpower.

Also it is important that any calcium supplements you take contain Boron because it helps to maintain Calcium levels in the body once the calcium is absorbed. Studies have shown that less Calcium is excreted in the urine if adequate levels of Boron are present.

Fish, Seafood for the Brain

You might have heard that fish is brain food. Some fish have nutrients that are good for your brain. Tuna has important B vitamins, which can help improve your cognitive skills and memory. Zinc can help prevent memory loss and is contained in oysters and herring.

Eat Breakfast

Don't skip breakfast. Brains need fuel to think and function. You might be able to skip breakfast and cruise through the morning but you're highly likely to crash in the afternoon.

One of the very best breakfast foods is oatmeal. This is because oatmeal provides a consistent level of energy without up and down blood sugar level spikes which are typical of some other breakfast foods.

Coffee Breaks - How Can You Use Them to Your Mental Advantage

Caffeine can be a mind-accelerating mood booster when taken in moderation at the right time.

Your body is most sensitive to caffeine after it hasn't had it in a while. To start your day with a mental edge drink a cup or two of caffeinated coffee in the morning. A mid-afternoon cup will also revive your brain and mental powers for another five or six hours or so.

Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others. If you drink too much coffee, it's likely the coffee will actually make you more tired than alert in the long run.

Snacks in the Afternoon and How They Effect You

Here's one you should like. A study, conducted at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, found that eating in mid-afternoon, whether it's yogurt or a chocolate candy bar increased students' memory and attention skills.

Students who only drank diet soda received no benefits. Before you reach for that candy, bar, though, you should know that students who ate the yogurt did even better than those who had the sugar snack.

For More Even Energy Levels Eat Fruit not Sugars

Sugar gives you a quick boost, but it also dumps directly into your bloodstream. The sudden increase in blood sugar causes your body to produce insulin. which makes your blood sugar drop. The result: You get tired. Instead of candy bars.

You would do better to eat fruit, it has sugar in it, known as fructose, but it's a different kind of sugar. The body has to first break down fructose before it can burn it for energy. The sugar from fructose is released into the blood at a slower more even rate.

Don't Overeat or Stuff Yourself

When you pig out during any meal, you're telling, your brain to take a nap. The blood leads to your stomach and away from your head. If you eat a lot of fat, you're really in for a snooze.

The fat interferes with the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to your brain and tissues, and that cuts down on your brain's oxygen supply. It's better to eat every three to four hours. That way you'll supply constant fuel to your brain and muscles and cut down the odds of overeating.

Plus your digestive system is such a big user of energy that by overeating you are putting a huge burden on your digestive system. This also pulls energy away from the rest of your body leaving your brain and body tired and lacking energy.

Sex and the Brain

The main ingredient that makes sex exciting to humans is the brain and how it functions and how well it functions. 

  • It is the brain which makes visual images exciting.
  • It is the brain which interprets sensual smells.
  • It is the brain which interprets sexy sounding voice intonations.
  • It is the brain which is creative and can imagine various sexual scenarios which can add excitement and spice to your sex life.

This article deals with food and nutrients for the brain. We have shown how the brain can affect your sex life thus feeding the brain indirectly feeds your sex life.

Additional Information from the American Memory Institute:

Did you know that being 20% overweight can decrease your memory by 20%!

The following foods also interfere with your memory and thinking abilities:

Soft Drinks
White Flour
Excessive Caffeine
Excessive Alcohol
Heavy Eating (this causes blood to rush from your head to your digestive organs)

Also one of the reasons virtually everyone needs nutritional supplements is because the food today only contains one-third the nutrients of food in 1920. This is because of overuse of our farm-lands.


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