Free Home Based Business Success Secrets with TAIslim Weight Loss Product
Ex-Bank Janitor and Internet Marketer develops a home business system which can easily increase your success rate by a staggering 400% or more! 

(Note: If you haven't already seen it you'll want to watch the short video showing why our home business system is like nothing you've seen!)

I personally have never seen anything like this - compare this to any recruiting program or lead generating system. It will outperform them all. Check out the information below.

If you would like to know how a totally inexperienced marketer with one simple idea working Part Time could generate a $10,000 a month income in only 17 months this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read. And that was 1997. Than 7 years later in 2004 he started another business using the same basic idea only this time in only 5 months he was able to duplicate the income he had created in the other business over 9 years. Now he has come up with another simple but even more powerful idea and would like to show how you can easily implement it to generate a substantial income for yourself.

It solves the biggest problem almost all home businesses face. I've been asked what makes my system so special, after all there are a lot of systems out there.

Have you heard this line? "Get more time freedom to do the things you love!" Truth is, there is no time freedom unless your system works for you even when you're not working! This concept is the heart of our system.

It's simple really - the Number 1 reason people fail is a lack of regular prospects looking at their business. What really makes our system standout are the rock-solid sound methods we employ to consistently have prospects on a daily basis contact us to let us know they are interested in our product or biz op. Basically my system brings a steady supply of leads and prospects to you that are interested in your products and business. And this happens even when you are not working. I personally know of no other system this powerful especially in light of the current economy. This is the basic success concept I've used for 14 years. (Note: Click Here for additional information which puts this program on steroids.)

Don't waste your time and money on home business programs that only work for the big heavy hitter guys. We're so confident we give you our system for free, because we're confident you'll be successful and when you make money we make money.

Hello My Good Friend:

My name is Jim Sapp. I live in Dacula, Georgia (35 miles NE of downtown Atlanta) on the 14th tee of a beautiful Fred Couples golf course. I haven't always lived here or been this successful. If you're like most people in today's economic environment you're probably exploring your job and home business options.

The problem is that in today's society, there is no longer true job security.

Job Loss, Layoffs and Unemployment are on the Rise!

Now, there are a lot of variables causing this, but we're not here to look at causes we're here to help you find a viable solution. Statistics tell us that, compared to even 25 or 30 years ago, we are much more likely to lose a job or even career.

Our Job and Ability to Create Income Directly
Affects Our Lifestyle and How We Live!

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Think about this…

What are your business options?

You obviously could start your own business from scratch, but unless you have a viable product and capital backing you very likely will fail. Statistically you have a 95% chance of failure with this option. Would you get on board a plane that had a 95% chance of crashing?

You certainly could look into Franchise Opportunities, however look at the cost of these sample franchises below. And these certainly are not your more expensive high profile franchises.

Or you could start a home business with one of the various reputable network marketing or direct sales companies. More information below on this option.

Let's Take a Look at some of your Franchise Options Below

Manchu WOK

Manchu WOK gives support to its franchise partners in all aspects of running a business , including strong marketing programs. The initial investment ranges from $248,000 to $393,000.

Mama Fu's Asian House

The average total cost to open a Mama Fu's Asian House can range between $470K and $706K. The founders of Mama Fu's have extensive experience successfully founding and operating various well-known franchises.

Dunkin' Donuts

Prospective franchisees must have a strong desire to succeed by delighting customers. For Dunkin' Donuts store territories, franchisees must have minimum liquid assets of $450-$650K and net worth of $900K-$1.2 million. Some markets may require development of multiple stores.
Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950.

Nestle Toll House Cafe

Nestle Toll House Cafe is proud of the excellent support systems provided to their franchisees before and after opening a franchise. Successful applicants should have a minimum $250,000 net worth to open a Cafe. The initial investment ranges from $133,600 to $319,500.

A Home Business Can Do Wonders For Us Economically- But
We Have To Understand How To Properly Work It!

If you were going to start a home business wouldn't you want to have the best products, superior systems and highly skilled mentors that you could possibly have? Of course you would. Let's take a look at the products

First without a doubt the number 1 most effective weight loss product on the market is .

You add the fact that it's a ground floor opportunity with a sound and not a start up company (very rare but the very best scenario you can have). You also add the fact that this product has an unprecedented 60 Day money back guarantee for a weight loss product.

If I could market just one particular home business product area, there would be no question in my mind it would be weight loss (provided of course the product was highly effective). Why? It's simple potential customers and ME's notice a person who's lost weight. They typically don't notice if your hemorrhoids, or joint pain, etc. is gone. Plus most people think more about looking good than taking something for their health.

Second is the super juice product in Goji that is the only product with actual clinical studies (3 of them) on the product itself. Also the only juice product with a 60 Day money back guarantee.

Third is a healthy energy drink second to none. Also the only one with a 60 Day money back guarantee.

Fourth is a state of the art anti-aging product - with powerful ingredients like Trans-Resveratrol. Also the only one with a 60 Day money back guarantee. In fact the product would easily be a flagship product for almost all other nutrition companies.

Fifth is arguably the very best joint relief and support product in Acti-Flexible Joint Formula - this product is incredible. Also the only one with a 60 Day money back guarantee.

Sixth is perhaps the best Prostate support product - I urge you to check out the ingredients. Also the only one with a 60 Day money back guarantee - Of course by now you are probably realizing every product comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee..

Seventh the best Fiber and colon cleansing Product, - also once again I urge you to check out the ingredients.- plus the best Children's. Plus even more.

So here's the bottom line from a product standpoint -this is the only company I'm aware of in the Home Business nutrition arena that has the combination of a huge business upside with this incredible array of best of class products. You typically are faced with one of these two scenarios -

1. You have the big mega established company like Herbalife, or Melalueca or Nuskin. Sound companies but very little upside opportunity.

2. Or you have the new start up company with one or two products or even if it's somewhat of an established company like Monavie or Xango they certainly don't have the outstanding product selection of these products.

Let's talk money and comp plans next:

Here's a general rule of thumb I have noticed over the years - the more a company or individual focuses on how much money you can make with their opportunity the less likely you are to make that kind of money.

Next rule of thumb - beware of companies that talk more about "big money" and less about concrete plans and a viable system to help make your business a success.

Rule of Thumb Number 3 - In general the higher the entry fee of joining a network marketing company less likely a person is to make "big money" in that company. Ask yourself the question -"Do You have the sales skills required to sell a $2000 entry plan to someone?" These high dollar programs tend to only make money for a select few.

Comp plans can be very confusing especially to the average person. Heck, I've looked at various comp plans for 14 years and virtually all of them look confusing at first. What you really want to look at any way are results of the comp plan or income stats.

Comp Plan - this is perhaps the best comp plan in the industry - top to bottom. With the highest payouts to the most people. But so what the best comp plan in the world selling "dog do" is probably not going to make you rich considering the real world demand for "dog do."

Some people use the tax benefits of a home business to go on a business vacation.
So what should you look at? Here's what I would look at, and in fact, here is my true story:

5 years so I was relatively happy where I was at, my business had taken a few hits but I was still earning a decent living. I certainly wasn't looking for a new business, in fact I said no the first couple times I was approached. When my friend Bill called me several months later for the third time I finally said yes.

What changed my mind? Well it certainly wasn't the comp plan.

It was results, when I saw how well he was doing after only several months it got my attention big time. I remember thinking if I say no again I may regret this for the rest of my life. Needless to say it was one of the best decisions of my life.

There becomes a time in each of all lives where if we're frustrated and we want something better we just need to go for it.

Before you go through another day stressed out about your financial future do something about it. Don't be wishing a year from now that you didn't get involved in that "hot opportunity".

Great News - There is Something You Can do About An Uncertain Financial Future.

In fact everything you've read up until this point pales in light of what you're about to read next.

Some people use the tax benefits of a home business to go on a business vacation.
In fact it is vitally important you understand what I'm writing to you next - it directly affects your home business career.

Money in business is made by solving problems. The more problems you solve and the bigger problems you solve the more money you make. More about this in a minute because what I'm about to share with you in this regard is huge.

Home businesses (and actually all businesses) succeed and fail largely on just one item only. A constant supply of prospects (potential customers and distributors) looking at your business on a regular basis. This is where most people fail. The good news is myself with input from my key people have come up with a method had brings leads to you on a daily basis. Leads that are free once you pay for some very inexpensive setup charges. These are people looking to buy from you and when they see the ease and beauty of the system we've created a number of these people are going to want to join with you in marketing these products.

All highly successful home businesses have one thing in common, their business works for them making them money when they're not working. And that's what our system does for you and potentially in a big way. Imagine yourself taking your wife out to dinner and you come home and you've made $30 or you go to sleep and wake up in the morning and you've made another $45. I've experienced this for 14 years now and it never gets old.

While I've consistently done very well ( a 6-figure earner for many years) I've never been a superstar earner. I'm not here to knock these superstar earners, however the one thing I've typically observed about them over 4 years is they're great at making a ton of money themselves. However, they're not often the best at helping new distributors duplicate their success. Their tends to be a simple explanation for this. They can't really show you how to make all the great contacts they've been able to make over the years. The super people that help them make the big money.

That being said I've focused my efforts on bringing you the next best thing. For obvious reasons I can't go into specific details here. But think of it in these terms - it's called co-operation. Many local businesses of done this for years. Imagine if there was a restaurant and every customer when they paid was given a compelling contact card for your business for free. A certain number of these people would contact you. And obviously the more businesses doing this for you the more you stand to benefit. This is putting a system to work for you.

Now you might be thinking, "great I wish their was a magic wand that I could wave to have any business or person market by products on demand." Unfortunately their is no such magic wand darn it, however, this my friend is the next best thing.

And it revolves around this - help someone get what they want and they'll help you get what you want. I can't really divulge the carrot we have to dangle in front of these people so they'll help us but I can assure you it works because they'll eager to get this carrot when they see it.

And you know the best part I've already created the carrot - there is nothing for you to do in this regard.

For many years now it has been my fervent desire to help people be able to succeed as well as I have succeeded. That's why we're so excited to bring you this simple system.

Working Smarter not Harder

Wouldn't you like more time to spend with your family to do the things you love?
Isn't it about time you stopped worrying about your economic future? Isn't it about time you're paid for what you're worth? I can tell you from personal experience I was always frustrated working a job because I was never paid what I was worth.

In reality a person will never get paid as much as they're worth unless they learn to work smarter and not harder.

Look around you - some of the hardest working people are paid some of the very lowest wages.
If you don't have a system that works for you when you're not working you'll never get ahead in life. You're not alone like most people you'll continue to struggle day after day - year after year. Wouldn't you like to end struggling to pay bills, etc. and feel like you're really on top of life.

Let me tell you a personal antedote from when I first got started in a home business. For the first almost 4 years (46 months to be exact) I continued to work my full time job. Now the first 12 months or so I was not making anywhere near what I was making when I finally resigned from my job. However, I can remember hitting the $1000 and then $2000 a month figures. This totally changed my life style and outlook on my life. I'm telling you I felt wealthy I found a new found respect at work, people that at one time had laughed at my initial home business failure weren't laughing anymore. I remember one fellow in particular, Charles Jones used to call me "Mr. Moneybags." I felt great and I was still going into a job everyday.

Isn't it time you too experience the euphoria of a growing home business, I'm telling you the feeling is awesome. I remember getting to a $1000 a month in income from my business and going from just getting by to being able to take my wife and family out to eat on a regular basis. We were able to take some nicer vacations. We got some new furniture we had been putting off and the money arguments we had stopped. Take action now, when the timing is perfect. From personal experience delaying taking action by even a couple months 5 years ago has cost me tens of thousands of dollars in lost income over the past 5 years.. Don't find yourself a year from now wishing you had started a business. I encourage you to act today!

Here's what you'll get if you decide to take advantage of this super opportunity:

A super hot essentially ground floor opportunity with an unprecedented 60 Day money back guarantee weight loss product.
A number of additional best in class nutritional products which allow you to expand your markets and sales revenue with new customers and distributors.
2 free company websites that are exclusively yours.
Promotion Tools Galore. We have a number of shared websites, conference calls, hotline numbers DVD's, CD's Brochures and much More
Here's the Exclusive Part You won't find anywhere else. Free access to my system with coaching and training calls that puts businesses to work for you. And I'm just opening access to this so if you get involved now you'll be in on the ground floor of this fantastic system that leverages your time and builds your business.
Oh and because the nature of the comp plan if you're serious and get to work I'm only too happy to place some of my new distributor-agents I'm recruiting, underneath you. Obviously the sooner you get involved the more you have to gain.
In addition find out how you can get a copy of this webpage for free and put it to work for you.

Information on Putting this Whole Program on Steroids

Note: Don't get confused about the following information. This is about the carrot offered to prospective businesses/individuals so they will help you and me gather prospects for our business.

We can help you find financial freedom today! Don't pass up this amazing opportunity!
Ask anyone who's spent any time at all in the home business direct marketing field the following question. Would you be excited to have good business people very anxious to help you market your products and business?

Duh - that's like asking any high school kid "instead of staying home Saturday night would you like a date with the Home Coming Queen instead?" Or asking someone with a losing lottery ticket - "do you mind trading your losing ticket for the grand prize winning ticket?"

The concept of getting someone to cooperate with you is not hard -simply offer someone something they perceive to be considerably more value than what they are giving up to get it and they'll say yes every time.

What most people struggle with is being able to offer something of enough value to ensure cooperation. And that is what excites me - I know exactly what any business person wants these days - more customers, but even better yet I know how to deliver them.

And you as one of my authorized agents will have the power of this system work for you.

Let me say this in closing - the vital information that allows this system to function so effectively is basically the culmination of knowledge gained by 14 years of marketing and internet marketing. This is extremely valuable and powerful information. I could easily charge people well over $100 an hour to teach people how to implement these techniques. So I'm sure you're tempted to think why am I just giving them away. Excellent question - several reasons really and I list them not necessarily in order of importance:

First I've known for years you can make a lot more money empowering and helping other make money than you can just on your own. I'd much rather have just a small percentage of the efforts of many hundreds and even thousands of people than just my own efforts.

Second is my total belief in this product and other products - they are that good. I wouldn't be doing this with just average products.

Third - I really want to help people that are struggling or losing their job - I see this as one of the very best ways for the average individual to earn some significant additional income. You can't really put a price on someone sincerely thanking you and saying they don't know what they would have done if this program hadn't come along.

Fourth - being able to help the small local business - there are people that need our help and if we don't help than who will. This gives each of us an opportunity to meet new friends and make a difference in the lives of others.

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