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20 Steps to Creating Our Skincare Products
Exclusive Protocols for Developing our Skincare Product

1. Preliminary Toxicology Research: Extensive research is conducted to ensure that all Organic Essentials® ingredients are totally toxic-free. All synthetic chemical ingredients such as pesticides are eliminated and safe, natural alternatives, free of unwanted side effects, are found. This type of rigorous and ongoing research is a top priority and commitment.

2. Market Research: Market research is conducted to identify specific criteria to set product priorities that meet the needs of customers. This is guided by our mission to develop products that are safe to use and that make the world a safer place to live. The goal is to create an all-natural, non-toxic, product unlike most personal care products, which contain toxins and carcinogens.

3. Skin Histology: All ingredients are selected based on their ability to work optimally with the composition of the skin and the way the skin is intended to function - providing it with maximum nutrition. The science of the skin plays a critical role in product development because the skin is the largest organ of the body and ingredients that we use penetrate the skin to affect our health. (Most personal care products do contain toxic ingredients, which, when they penetrate the skin, are harmful to your health.)

4. Product Concept: A product profile is developed, identifying the product's performance criteria, ingredient qualifications, delivery systems, and manufacturing technologies.

5. Ingredient Research: A worldwide search is conducted for quality sources of specific natural, non-toxic ingredients, technologies, and reliable, high-integrity supply sources that meet demanding specifications. A database from world-renowned authorities and leading universities in the arenas of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Phytochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Medical Sciences, is utilized to ensure that the Cosmeceutical applications and historical benefits are maximized.

6. Ingredient Specifications: We only use natural, non-toxic, ingredients, which have been tested and are proven to be free of chemical pesticides and other petroleum solvent contaminants.

7. Safety Studies: We perform non-animal safety studies to establish the end use safety of all ingredients. These safety studies are conducted by our manufacturers using rigid protocols, which are reviewed and approved by our expert scientists.

8. Container Specification and Research: All product packaging must meet criteria for a minimum of a two-year shelf life, ensuring that the container and closure are compatible with the formula and provide appropriate dispensing, maintain the optimal nutritional value of the nutrients, and prevent petroleum gases from being released into the product.

9. Formulary Development: A synergistic blend of high quality, and often rare ingredients, is combined using the safest technologies to create Cosmeceutical formulations that provide optimal nutritional benefits for the skin, scalp, hair, gums, and teeth.

10. Prototype Testing: Once a formula is created, laboratory samples are developed and tested by the research team to ensure that every product meets the conceptual, and actual, performance requirements. The formula is adjusted and refined as needed over many months until a final formula is achieved.

11. Accelerated Stability Studies: To assure the physical stability, the formula must pass various stability tests to validate the consistency of color, thickness and pH (percentage of acidity and alkalinity). Samples are subjected to at least three freezes, thaw cycles, and to temperature ranges up to 124° F for as long as 60 Days.

12. Microbiological Challenge Tests: All formulas must pass preservation tests against microbiological spoilage, with products undergoing sterility tests and double challenge tests. In each challenge test, products are inoculated with one million organisms of each gram-positive bacteria, mold, and yeast and allowed to incubate for 56 days. The preservative system is accepted as adequate only if the product demonstrates that it is capable of suppressing the growth of each of the pathogens.

13. Packaging, Design, and Labeling: Attention to accuracy and detail is a top priority when we move to create the product's ingredient labeling. We ensure that product claims and all other product information are correct. All labels are scrutinized by the Team and a legal firm that specializes in FDA and CTFA regulations.

14. Shipability Studies: A 6000-mile shipping test is performed on all final packages. We fill product into actual packaging and ship it from coast to coast and back again via commercial carriers.

15. Pre-manufacturing Quarantine: All raw materials (ingredients) are maintained in quarantine until a sample is tested and evaluated against a preset standard. This assures the highest quality of our products and the integrity of our suppliers.

16. Manufacturing Quality Control Procedures: We adhere to protocols of Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) and strict Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines as if our products were pharmaceuticals.

17. Sampling: During manufacturing, samples are randomly selected for Quality Control testing and formula verification.

18. Consistency Testing: Samples from every production batch are run through a battery of tests again to assure stability and that characteristics such as pH, viscosity, color, etc., match the preset standard to ensure that every batch is identical and has a shelf life of at least two years.

19. Microbiological Analysis: To ensure the safety of the product, a sample from each batch is tested for microbiological analysis to ensure there is no bacteria or other foreign contaminants.

20. Retains: Samples from each batch are sent for empirical examination. A sample is retained in the laboratory for five years to provide the verification of purity and formula stability.

Only after a product passes these 20 Exclusive Product Development Protocols
is it considered an effective, safe, toxic-free Organic Essentials® product!


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