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Your skin is Intelligent.
It knows how to help itself... If you give it what it needs!

You cannot have total health without healthy skin. Our first line of defense, the skin, is often called the third kidney due to its ability to eliminate cellular waste.

Every month your skin cells are new. Your skin has a “mother cell” which duplicates itself every twenty-four to forty days. The new cell is an exact replica of the mother cell. It travels to the skin’s surface and takes the place of an old cell that gets sloughed off. Every minute - every day - your skin is renewed. When given the best nutrients, the skin will continually regenerate itself.

 Your Amazing Skin  
One square centimeter of skin contains:
• 100 perspiration glands
• 3,000,000 cells
• 3,000 sensory cells at the ends of nerve fibers
• One yard of blood vessels
• 15 sebaceous glands
• Four yards of nerves


The Science of the Skin  

Your skin is:
• Your largest organ
• A vital component of your immune system
• A powerful eliminator of toxins

This illustration includes (from top to bottom)
EPIDERMIS with Hair shaft, Oil ducts
DERMIS with Capillaries, Sebaceous gland, Skin oil, Arrector pili muscle, Perspiration gland, Hair follicle, Hair root


Science of skincare facial wrinkle creams anti-aging beauty products, skin aging.

Skin cells:
• Renew and exfoliate every 24 to 40 days
• Contain no direct blood supply


Irreplaceable Moisture Complex  

• Oxygen
• Nutrition (from moisture & oil glands)
• Moisture (perspiration) with Water soluble vitamins
• Oil (sebum) with Cholesterol waxes, Ceramides, Squalines, Oil soluble vitamins & vitamin D precursors


Moisture Shield  

This water-resistant shield is your first line of defense.


Penetration by Moisture Complex  
Science of skincare facial wrinkle creams anti-aging beauty products, skin aging.

• Nourishes & oxygenates the epidermis
• Holds cells together like an intercellular mortar


Science of skincare facial wrinkle creams anti-aging beauty products, skin aging.

Is made up of:
• Clear, healthy oxygenated lymph
• Collagen & elastin fibers

So what is causing skin to age?
What we put on our body affects the health of our skin. Understanding your skin’s natural processes is the first step in discerning nutritional skin care from products that strip, coat, suffocate and leave the skin vulnerable.

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