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Actiflex With MSM, Ginger Extract Gingerols, Hyaluronic Acid boswellia frankincense

Unlike other joint supplements that can take weeks or months to give relief, Acti-Flexible Joint Formula goes to work right away giving relief to stiff joints and aching muscles†

Actiflex bottle With MSM, Ginger Extract Gingerols, Hyaluronic Acid boswellia frankincense

Joint Formula is Without a Doubt the Finest State of Art Product for the Support of Joints and Muscles

(Keto-beta-Boswellic acid , Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Ginger- Gingerols)!

Retail Price: $33.04
Advantage Price: $26.99
Advantage Savings: $6.05

90 caplets 30 day supply
Available for immediate shipping

Joint Formula (MSM, Ginger Extract Gingerols, Hyaluronic Acid Boswellia Frankincense ) Joint Health Ingredients

Joint Formula is a comprehensive nutritional formula for maximizing the health of your joints and connective tissue.

Exclusive, fast-acting Acti-Flexible Joint Formula is synergistically formulated to:

  • Maintain joint flexibility and comfort
  • Promote ease of motion
  • Support normal range of motion
  • Provide special nutrients that help lubricate and cushion cartilage and joints
  • Assist the body's natural rebuilding processes
  • Guard against free-radical damage that can damage joints
  • Aid in the body's ability to recover from joint stiffness and muscle soreness

Why wait for relief?
Powerful ActiFlex works fast ...

Unlike other joint supplements that can take weeks or months to give relief, Acti-Flexible Joint Formula goes to work right away giving relief to stiff joints and aching muscles. It's unique formula combines only the most-effective, scientifically supported natural ingredients, and delivers them to your body in the exact potencies recommended by the latest research, including:

3-acetyl-11-keto-beta-Boswellic acid (AKBBA) - derived from boswellia (frankincense), AKBBA guards against harmful body chemicals that can cause joint flare-ups and discomfort†. In clinical studies on AKBBA, significant improvement was seen within 7 days.

Hyaluronan (soluble hyaluronic acid) - provides lubrication to joints and reduces friction between bones, reducing wear and tear to promote a normal range of motion†.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - a natural source of sulfur that supports the structural integrity of joint cartilage, helps to maintain the elasticity and flexibility of tendons and ligaments, and assists the body's recovery of muscle stiffness and soreness†.

Gingerols - clinical studies on this ginger root derivative have shown improvements in joint comfort, especially regarding knee mobility†.

Ideal for athletes, "weekend warriors" and physically active adults who seek to nutritionally support the connective tissue in the joints

Studies have shown that our greatest tool to maintain maximum mobility is through proper nutrition and supplementation. In fact, over 2,500 published papers now attest to the supportive properties of nature's infinite array of therapeutic botanical and nutritional factors. With this in mind, Acti-Flexible Joint Formula was designed to support your body's internal processes for maintenance and support of collagen and cartilage. Each caplet fuses ancient herbal wisdom with the latest breakthroughs of modern nutritional science to form a supplement for maximum joint health. This exclusive formulation contains a synergistic blend of natural joint nutrients.

For best results, use Acti-Flexible Joint Formula in conjunction with Your Edge Daily Vitamin and Goji Juice.

Retail Price: $33.04
Advantage Price: $26.99
Advantage Savings: $6.05

90 caplets 30 day supply 
Available for immediate shipping

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1 Bottle Acti-Flexible Joint Formula - $33.04/Bottle Regular Price
1 Bottle Acti-Flexible Joint Formula - $26.99/Bottle Advantage Price*


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Arthritis Facts:

Arthritis is the most widespread crippling disability in the United States today

More than 41 million Americans have arthritis

One million new patients develop arthritis each year

250,000 children have arthritis

One in every three families is affected by arthritis

Forty percent of the population over age 65 have arthritis

More families in this country are affected by arthritis than by any other illness


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