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Original Goji Juice - Why the Himalayas? - Schomberg Effect and More!

(Original Goji Juice Contains the Finest Berries, which are the Richest Source of Glyconutrients.)

After rounding up goji samples from around the world, scientists used spectroscopic analysis—a molecular fingerprinting technique—to single out the highest-quality, most nutrient-dense berries with the highest absorption in humans. This spectral signature was then used to identify the ideal berry. It turns out that goji berries that originated from the Himalayan region consistently possess the ideal spectral signature! But why?

The Himalayan mountain range has the highest peaks on the planet and they are continuing to grow each year. According to experts, goji berries that originated from this area are special for three reasons:

1) They contain the full spectrum of nutrients. These essential nutrients are naturally chelated to fruit acids, which increases their ability to be absorbed into the body.

2) Nowhere on earth is closer to the sun than the lofty Himalayas, and the higher a plant's ability to absorb the sun's energy (also called the Schomberg effect), the higher its ability to facilitate the transfer of energy, thereby keeping us healthier.

3) The goji of Himalayan origin contains astronomical levels of unique bioactive polysaccharides, a family of complex carbohydrates bound to proteins that defends the body against illness, pollutants and free radicals. These "master molecules" control many of the body's most important biochemical defense systems. In fact, the goji of Himalayan descent may be the richest known source of glyconutrients.

Luckily, you don't have to climb mountains to find berries with the same life-extending properties as the goji of legend. Berries that match the spectral signature of gojis that originated in the Himalayas are available. We suggest that you look for a readily absorbable, all-natural 100 percent juice product that matches the excellent spectral signature, polysaccharide balance, and high Schomberg effect of only the world's best berries. A one-liter bottle of a good high-quality goji juice should provide the polysaccharide equivalent of more than two pounds of fresh goji berries.

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But exuding confidence often takes practice - you want to picture yourself as you would be when totally confident. Think of a time in your past when you were totally confident. And try to duplicate that feeling in your mind.

Think of people you know or who you admire as being very confident. They could be someone you know personally or an actor. I like studying actors because you can watch them on TV or a movie and study their mannerisms.

Unless the actor is a natural they have studied mannerisms, expressions, voice inflections and the like to project them self into their role and in this case as totally confident.

I can't help but think of the ultimate confidence line - "The name's Bond - James Bond"

When I hear that - I know here's a guy who sweats confidence from every pore of his body.

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