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Original Goji Juice - Here's Why It's So Valuable and Good!

What is so fascinating about Original Goji Juice is that its polysaccharides benefit nearly every aspect of the human body. I have never seen a product so universally beneficial for improving health at such a rapid pace.

In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), goji is renowned as the premier adaptogen, meaning it can help the body to adapt to changes and stress.

Some of the traditionally reported benefits of adaptogens include: enhanced immune function, increased energy, and enhanced mental clairty and perception. In Asia, no adaptogen is more revered than goji.

The goji berry is also considered to be a tonic in that it helps to keep the vital organs and energies in tone. TCM has identified some herbs as liver tonics, and others as kidney tonics. But goji is held in such high regard that it has been deemed a supertonic, meaning it can help to balance the structures and functions of the entire body.

With thousands of years of documented use, the Goji Berry is the world's first and foremost superfruit.

Although recently honored in TIME magazine as the "Superfruit of the Year," the goji berry has been making headlines for thousands of years. As early as the first century an important medical text declared it to be unsurpassed for maintaining the youthful health and wellness of the entire body. Goji has been revered throughout Asia ever since as the "red treasure".

A native to the Himalayas, goji has also thrived along the floodplains of the Yellow River in nothern China for ages. The river brings blessings of glacial waters and rich alkaline minerals, but life in the high desert is harsh and unforgiving. As a result, goji has adapted to extreme adversity by protecting itself with a range of powerful glyconutrients.

With countless generations of people using goji every day to stay healthy, this powerful little berry has finally captured the attention of a new generation of research scientists, who have discovered a range of special protective molecules found only in goji. Dozens of studies are now confirming that these unique Lycium barbarum (goji's Latin name) polysaccharides (LBPs) are largely responsible for this potent fruit's remarkable benefits. The entire spectrum of LBP's can be found in perfect balance in our Original Goji Juice.

Gathering Goji's Goodness

An Internet search for Lycium barbarum on the U.S. National Library of Medicine's encyclopedic PubMed website returns dozens of research citations on the goji berry. A significant majority of these studies have been conducted on goji's bio-active molecules, the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs).

LBPs play a major role in cell signaling - the means by which vital imformation is communicated to and conducted from cell to cell throughout the body in times of stress. Efficient cell signaling keeps the immune system operating in top shape so it can respond readily to any kind of attack.

Research is showing that there are many types of LBPs; each work in a different way with their own distinct health benefits. They are all important, but it is difficult to find berries that contain the whole range of these protective compounds.

Depending on growing conditions, geography, and other factors, the LBP content and composition of the goji berry can vary tremendously. Every step in our unique manufacturing process maximizes the high potency and perfect balance of the full-spectrum of the LBPs in every bottle of Original Goji Juice.

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