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Inceasing Libido

Nutrition The Foods & Fruits of Passion

Article by Nick James:

Has the thrill gone out of your love and sex life. Do you just spend boring evening after boring evening together watching the prime time TV lineups. On the weekends he watches sports, she goes shopping or gardening. You wake up one day thinking - "Gee my life and sex life have gotten pretty dull!"

Well it doesn't have to be that way. Put some spice back in your life. This article focuses on two main aspects - one what foods and nutrients are needed to help your body function properly for sex and the other being to help your brain properly function. The main ingredient that makes sex exciting to humans is the brain and how it functions and how well it functions. 

  • It is the brain which makes visual images exciting.
  • It is the brain which interprets sensual smells.
  • It is the brain which interprets sexy sounding voice intonations.
  • It is the brain which is creative and can imagine various sexual scenarios which can add excitement and spice to your sex life.

This article deals with food and nutrients for the brain as it relates to sex, however, for a more complete article on proper nutrients for the brain you will want to read another one of my articles entitled "Gaining the Mental Edge". This article also is important because while it deals exclusively with nutrients for the brain and improving mental function we have already shown where improving brain function will help with your sex life.

Eating To Improve Sexual Pleasure

Some guys may have other ideas but in reality what food you put in your body is more important for great sex than any food you may put on her body.

Here are some of the recommended vitamins, nutrients and foods:

B-Complex Vitamins - The B-complex vitamins B-1 (thiamin), B-2 (riboflavin) and B-3 (niacin) are all needed for a healthy sex drive. If you drink alcohol on a daily basis, you may want to take a daily 100 milligram thiamin supplement, because alcohol depletes that vitamin. Otherwise, you can get it by eating whole grains, asparagus and raw nuts. Riboflavin is found in asparagus, bananas, broccoli and lean meats.

Niacin dilates blood vessels, creating better blood flow, and it also synthesizes sex hormones. But if you take it in supplement form, it can irritate your stomach, causing ulcers. It's found in fish, lean meats, peas and beans.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C helps keep your various sex glands running, smoothly and your skin smooth and elastic. It also keeps sperm strong by protecting them against free radicals that make them cling together in immobile clumps. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwifruit, tomatoes and green vegetables. Taking at least a  250 milligram supplement a day may improve your sperm's chances of fertilizing an egg.

Antioxidants - Antioxidants help protect the sexual organs and the prostate gland from free radicals. Taking a good antioxidant supplement is a good idea.

Vitamin E for Increased Excitement - Vitamin E aids sex hormone production and improves circulation. Be careful about taking very large doses, however, because it can increase blood pressure. It is naturally found in nuts, seeds, beans. whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Zinc to Increase Testosterone - Zinc is needed to produce testosterone, the male sex hormone. Zinc also increases sperm production and the volume you ejaculate and may protect sperm from vaginal bacteria (zinc is an antioxidant). Too little zinc can negatively affect your Sex drive. One way to get your Minimum Daily Value of 15 milligrams is by eating steamed oysters, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, garlic and spinach, or take a supplement.

Other Very Helpful Nutrients.

BIOTIN -boosts normal health of male sex glands.
FOLIC ACID  - maintains sex organ health.
SELENIUM - increases male potency and sex drive.

What, When, and How Much We Eat Can Greatly Affect Our Sex Lives

Have you ever noticed that when you or your spouse are tired you are rarely in the mood for sex. This seems to be especially true of women. When they are tired the answer is almost always NO! And these days with many women having to work outside the home plus juggle family activities and housework it is no wonder by the time bed rolls around she is ready to roll over and go to sleep.

Yet have you ever noticed when both spouses are full of energy it almost always leads to sex and the more energized the better the sex. One thing husbands can do is helps there wives with the housework so she is less tired.

Knowing this there are things you can do everyday to provide your body and brain more energy for things you enjoy doing - like having sex.

Aphrodisiacs and Love Foods

Some aphrodisiacs work simply because you believe they will. Your brain is your greatest sex organ. If the brain thinks something turns you into a love machine, it will. So if you believe carrots will fire up your sex drive, chances are they will.

Some well known aphrodisiacs-such as oysters work because they contain nutrients that your body needs, but they only work if your body needs those nutrients. Oysters are packed with zinc, so if you are zinc deficient, oysters may help you feel sexy.

Serotonin: It's a chemical that your brain produces when you eat a food that contains the amino acid tryptophan along with some carbohydrates. Low levels of serotonin been linked to low sperm count, poor ejaculation and low virility. Stress will deplete serotonin. But when you eat the tryptophan-carbohydrate combination, it calms you down and replaces the needed serotonin to boost your sexual desire. Try combining about 3.5 ounces of fish, poultry or lean beef with bread or pasta.

Caffeine: Daily coffee drinkers are almost twice as likely to describe themselves as, sexually active. And coffee-drinking, men report fewer erection problems. Some caffeine will wake you up if you feel sluggish and caffeine wakes you up. Then instead of going back to sleep you are more likely to say "Man. I'm horny!

However, it is possible to reverse the effect - too Much caffeine can make you so hyper that you can't focus on feeling turned on.

Chocolate: It has a number of ingredients that make us feel good. The Stimulants theobromine and caffeine get our hearts beating.

And a component called phenylalanine is thought to produce an "in-love sensation" that dulls pain.

Celery: If you want her to crave you instead of watching TV this is what you want to eat. Androsterone, a potent male hormone, is thought to attract females, and is found in celery. Researchers speculate that when you eat celery, you can release the androsterone through perspiration after digestion. The woman can't actually smell it consciously, but she'll want to get her nose near your skin.

Pumpkin pie: You don't have to eat it. Just bake it. Researchers at smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago measured blood flow to the penises of 31 men as they smelled different scents. The combination Of pumpkin pie and lavender really got the blood moving. Other penis picker-uppers include doughnut combined with black licorice, pumpkin pie combined with doughnut and plain old orange.

Creating Your Menu for Love

Remember when you first met how just watching her eat turned you but now it just barely distracts you from thinking about the ball game on TV. When you first met, your body produced chemicals that put you happily in love. Then as time passed it stopped. You may not be able to turn back the clock, but you can make eating together more sensual.

First Reserve a Table for Two.

First of all, to have a sexy dinner, you need to look at each other while you eat. Many couples are too busy to eat together. When both spouses work they create additional stress in their lives which can prevent them from eating together. Couple need some ritual in their day when they are both together.  Eating together as a couple is a ritual that can have benefits beyond the meal and later in bed.

Have a Slow Hand. - One of the worst sex sappers is stress, and if you wolf down your meal, it contributes to stress. So take it easy. Chew. Taste. Savor it.

Feed Each Other. -This can be a very sensual experience - take advantage of this.

Please Pass the... Throughout the meal, do little things designed to make her feel good inside. Certain little acts of kindness at dinner table can create feelings of warmth and create a certain mood to enhance feelings of sexuality later that evening. Don't wait for your partner to ask you to pass the salt.

Offer it to her without being asked. If You've been paying attention at all, you know what she likes. If you haven't been paying attention start right now.

Never Criticize. - Criticism can really kill the mood. It's good to cook together, but it's not good if it turns into a power struggle. For example the man shouldn't stand there and tell her how to slice cheese in a certain way. She's liable to just feel offended and criticized.


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