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Fired Energy

Your Natural Source Of Energy
Retail Price: $48.50
Retail Price: $39
Advantage Price: $33.95
Advantage Savings: $12.45 (30%)

30 packets (5 grams each)
Available for immediate shipping
Fired Energy Health Energy Drink (Lipitol Fat Burner) Ingredients

Get Fired Energy
Get Fired Energy in the morning, in the afternoon, and whenever you need a natural boost. Feeling tired or sluggish? Fired Energy is the perfect replacement for coffee, soda, and candy. Craving sugar, sweets, or just feeling too hungry all the time? Fired Energy is the answer. When used before exercising, it helps promote better physical endurance and training. This delicious low-calorie, low-carb drink provides your mind and body with the natural energy you need every day.

Fired Energy has been scientifically formulated to:

Enhance your overall energy
Help control your appetite and cravings
Increase workout performance
Increase mental alertness and focus
Provide a great "Fired Energy" alternative to coffee, soda, and candy
Turn on your body's fat burning potential
Help you cope with physiological stress

Fired Energy contains:

Only 2 grams of carbohydrates
No sugar
Just 10 calories per serving
The antioxidant power of green tea

Enhance Your Performance
The powerful, synergistic blend of ingredients in Fired Energy increases mental alertness and physical performance. L-phenylalanine, a natural amino acid, helps increase energy, promoting feelings of well-being while helping to reduce your appetite.

Burn Fat!
Energy-enhancing Fired Energy contains ® exclusive Lipitol™, a unique green tea complex that helps you to burn calories faster.

Stress No More
Wouldn't it be great to reduce your stress with a delicious, soothing drink? Fired Energy is the solution. It contains Panax ginseng, a powerful adaptogen that helps you to respond quickly to physical and mental stress, improving your natural ability to recover from exercise exhaustion.

Perfect Anytime, Anywhere
Drink Fired Energy as often as you like for a natural boost of energy. Simply mix with 8 ounces of cold water or with your favorite fruit juice for a delicious beverage.

Retail Price: $48.50
Retail Price: $39
Advantage Price: $33.95
Advantage Savings: $12.45 (30%)

30 packets (5 grams each)
Available for immediate shipping

Order Fired Energy
1 Box Fired Energy - $39/Box Regular Price
1 Box Fired Energy - $33.95/Bottle Advantage Price*
*Advantage Price - The Advantage Price involves enrolling in the Monthly Autoship Advantage Program. You will be sent your product every month on the 21st unless you skip your order for the month or until you cancel your order. You can cancel your Advantage order at anytime.

*Weight loss depends on variables such as each individual's metabolism, activity level, and diet. Your results may differ from those expressed here.


Health Energy Drink Low Carb W Lipitol Fat Burner Panax Ginseng Green Tea Antioxidant

What Customers Say
Fired Energy...

"I tried Fired Energy and had immediate, noticeable, and exciting results. I drank one glass on a day that I played basketball in a league with young guys (they're 20-30 years old… I'm 52), and I felt like a kid again!"
Lon Hersha, OH

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