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Customer Comments about:*
Zincosamine (Glucosamine - Ginger Root for Joints)

*Individual Results - Results may Vary From Person to Person

Note: This Product has been Discontinued and is No Longer Available - I Urge You to Try its Replacement - ActiFlex, Which is an Improved Product over the Zincosamine - Click Here!

Cathy DeRemer, PA
“Our little Maltese, Catrina, fell of the recliner and hurt herself. I took her to the veterinarian and found out that she had popped her knee out. I started giving her Zincosamine as soon as we got home. It was a little hard because she could only have a 1/3 of the Zincosamine but we managed. It only took a few days and she was up and running. We are so happy she is getting well and that we have Zincosamine to keep her well.”

Ray Vaughn, NC
“I have been using Zincosamine for few months now. All last summer I was not able physically to mow my own yard. This morning, I Fired up my push mower and mowed at least 3/4 acre of grass without stopping for a break. I have been able to mow my yard all spring and summer so far and I feel great. How can I say thank you enough for these amazing products? THANK YOU!”

Fernando Quintero, CT
“I'm very happy that Zincosamine has helped the discomfort on my right hand.”

Sheryl Dickson, TX
"I am a flight attendant and some of my passengers shared their products with me. Since then, I have joined and ordered Zincosamine. I have noticed a considerable difference in my knees and legs after just two weeks of taking it. I have much more mobility and no more discomfort. Thank you, again!"

Iris Dodson, VA
"During February 2003, our town had a 30-inch snow storm. I am 57 years old, and I assisted my husband in shoveling the walks of our church. This took approximately three days. Thanks to Zincosamine, I was able to keep up with my husband until the job was done. Thank you, again."

Helen Daly, NY
“I just began using Zincosamine because my left hip has been bothering me. I was walking on the treadmill and realized my hip was not bothering me. So I decided to do a slow jog and was able to stay on jogging for one mile. I haven't been able to stay at a steady jog for a long time without feeling discomfort.”

Robert Brumit, VA
"After playing football in high school and in college, the sport has taken its toll on my knees. After only three weeks of taking Zincosamine, I have begun to feel the effects. I now have less discomfort and more mobility to do the things I enjoy, like hunting, fishing, and playing ball in the backyard with my children. Thank you, again."

Linda Dague, NC
“I used to play power volleyball 3-5 times a week and traveled around the state and to nearby states playing in all-day tournaments every other weekend. Each time I played, I would experience discomfort in my arm for the next few days. I didn't want to quit playing, so I limited my playing to once a week. After using Zincosamine, my arm still felt great even after playing for three hours one day, and three hours the next! Thank you, again!”

Donna Noll, KS
"After having used many, if not all, of the joint health products available on the market, I purchased Zincosamine. I found that within the first week of using the product that my joints, ankles, and knees did not crack and creek. I have experienced discomfort-free movement since using Zincosamine and am recommending it to my friends and family!"

Robert Perry, NC
"I’m so excited—life is good! Zincosamine has really helped my knee joints. I can walk and play golf again, and finally have relief from the discomfort I have experienced in the last few years. Thanks so much, for these great products!"

Bob Chambers, TX
“I am a truck driver and after driving all day I could hardly walk, and when I did, I experienced a lot of discomfort. I started taking Zincosamine about two months ago and I will never be without it again. The first time I took it, I could tell a great difference in my knees the next day and it progressed every day after. This is a miracle product for anyone with joint concerns. I am so thankful I found out about it!”

Gene Crouch, IN
"Several months ago I started using Zincosamine, and shortly after I began to notice how much stronger my knees were. I could take long walks, run without twisting my knees and falling, and now, in addition to my church responsibilities, I work nights at the airport providing wheelchair assistance for the elderly and physically challenged. I never would have been able to work the long hours and go the long distances on my legs if it weren't for Zincosamine."

Renee Robinson, NC
"At age 45, I found myself becoming a prisoner to joint discomfort. I had trouble walking first thing in the morning, and I could hardly get back up after bending over. I have been taking Zincosamine for one month, and I no longer experience any discomfort. Thank you for my newfound freedom!"

Marcia Drewitz, TX
" Zincosamine has saved my Saturday morning tennis game! I am a 50-something housewife who has played competitive club tennis for over 30 years. My weak knees have really limited my mobility and playing time. Two months ago, I decided to try Zincosamine. I started taking 2 Zincosamine softgels a day and within 2 weeks, I had no discomfort in my knees. Now, I play doubles tennis every Saturday morning! Thanks, Zincosamine."

Charlene Dvorak, NE
“We tried Zincosamine on our dog, Snowball. Our 18-year-old Samoyed could only stand up after rocking back and forth, and quit walking with the family. Now, he's on two Zincosamine daily, gets up with ease, and even prances on his two-mile walks. He acts younger than he did five years ago!”

Bo Wyenandt, OH
"Bailey, our 3-year-old, 125-pound Leonberger (a pure breed derived by the mayor of Leonberg, Germany in the 1800’s, by crossing the St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundland) had begun limping, and would be real stiff for a while after getting up. I started her on Zincosamine twice a day. It worked! She gets up and down easier, and gets around without that limp! Thank you, again!"

Nadine Rather, KS
"I was experiencing discomfort in my knee. A friend told me about Zincosamine. I tried it and I've been taking it ever since! My knee joint function has improved tremendously. I will continue to take Zincosamine, which helps my joints naturally."

John Clark, RI
"Working for the US Postal Service can take a toll on your joints! It's a great job, but the constant repetition of movement on your legs and elbows are a real issue. But not anymore! Zincosamine has absolutely eliminated the discomfort in my elbows and knees and has given me passion. This is exactly what I've been longing for; the opportunity to live a healthy life and the opportunity for wealth and abundance. Thank you!"

Boyd Bryant,
“I am taking Zincosamine and am experiencing very positive results with the supplement. The knee feels much better.”

Deanna Buchanan,
"For the last few years, I have been having increasing joint discomfort in my right hip and shoulder and I could not sleep on that side. I was also having trouble going up and down the stairs at work. Since becoming a distributor, I've been discovering wonderful products that actually work! I decided to try Zincosamine. Within days, I was able to sleep better. I can go up stairs easily, and even realized one day I was nearly skipping down the stairs. It startled me! Thank you so very much for providing us products that actually help us get better. Life is so much freer and happier without discomfort."

Sharon Schwartz,
"I had discomfort in my upper back. I took three Zincosamine, several hours between each tablet and the discomfort was gone. Thank you again"


joint health glucosamine ginger rhizomes inhibits prostaglandins leukotrienes cytokines

joint health glucosamine ginger rhizomes inhibits prostaglandins leukotrienes cytokinesOur No Risk 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
The Biochemistry of Unhealthy Joints

Responsible for short-term joint discomfort

Responsible for long-term joint discomfort

Responsible for tissue destruction

Did you know?

More than 80 million Americans experience some form of joint concerns.
1 in every 3 families is affected by joint concerns.

80% of people over the age of 50 have unhealthy joints.


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