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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Inner Mongolia Himalayan Goji Berries Festival -Pictures and Story

In August, FreeLife's Australian General Manager Chris Cooper traveled to the mountains of Inner Mongolia with Freelife as honored guests of the Annual Goji Festival. The following is Chris's account of the events in this incredible journey.
Goji Berries Himalayan Inner Mongolia Goji Juice Berry Festival
...We were told the goji berry is the life-blood of this region and once a year at harvest time the entire town comes together for an elaborate festival lasting several days. The festival pays homage to the goji berry, which has sustained the health and lifestyle of this region for countless generations. Of all the gifts offered by this bounteous region, none is more prized and cherished than the goji plant and berry that is cultivated and nurtured high in the mountains.

...After a good night's sleep, we set out early to discover the heart of the ancient city, also known as the 'Goji Capital of the World.'

...We had the opportunity to listen to the enthusiastic people as they celebrated the goji fruit for strengthening their bodies as well as fortifying the all-essential 'qi' (chi), or life-force.

We met with some of the elderly in the town who have consumed goji on a daily basis and are living remarkably long, healthy, and vibrant lives. We talked with several locals who exceeded 100-plus years and heard how a bowl of goji a day in various forms is an essential part of their diet.

The next day we boarded a bus to a place where we could get a firsthand look at the production of the goji plant and berries.
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