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Health-Goji-Juice.Com Featuring Weight Loss, Jiaogulan, Goji Juice Health and Nutrition Drink
Health-Goji-Juice.Com Featuring
Weight Loss, Jiaogulan, Goji Juice Health and Nutrition Drink
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Goji - A Winning Tradition Of Thousands Of Years

Original Goji Juice may be new to you, but the goji berry has been used by countless generations in Asia to energize and protect the whole body.

As early as the first century A.D., an important Chinese medical text declared goji (Latin name: Lycium barbarum) to be unsurpassed for maintaining youthful health and wellness.

Around the year 500 A.D., the Taoist master Tao Hong Jing recommended goji for its unique ability to increase vital energy (jing), the life force (qi), and the capacity for physical exercise (yin tao). More recently, TIME magazine reported: “This year’s breakout (Superfruit) was the Himalayan Goji berry, said to be a source of energy and longevity.”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, goji is counted among an elite group of plants known as adaptogens. As their name implies, adaptogens work by helping the body to adapt to changes and stress—something we all face every day, whether we play professional sports, work in an office environment, or punch the time clock for a living.

In Asia, no adaptogen is more revered than goji. The fruit is held in such high regard that it has been designated as a supertonic, one of the rare plants that can harmonize the structure and functions of the entire body.

Now, you can feel the power of goji for yourself with highly standardized Original Goji Juice!

Time Magazine Exclaims: “This Year's Breakout (Superfruit) Was The Goji Berry, Said To Be A Source Of Energy And Longevity.”

Real Science. Real Performance.

Thanks to goji's unmatched reputation as a supertonic, this potent little berry has been attracting a lot of attention from the medical and nutritional research communities. After dozens of published studies, it has become increasingly clear that goji’s far-ranging benefits are due to the presence of a series of unique bioactive molecules – Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs).

There are several LBPs present in goji. Scientific studies are demonstrating that each one appears to exert its own distinct influence on health and wellness.

Some of the most remarkable LBP research has been in the field of sports nutrition. An important study found that one of the LBPs (LBP-X) could deliver extraordinary benefits. The study’s authors noted that LBP-X “induced a remarkable adaptability to exercise load.”

Our Science Team believes that, for the greatest results, all LBPs must be present. In recognition of this, we have developed a scientific fingerprinting technique ? our Spectral Signature ? that allows us to capture the entire range of life-enhancing LBPs in Original Goji Juice. Every step of our proprietary Spectral Signature LBP Process maximizes the potency and balance of goji's full-spectrum polysaccharides.

So no matter what your personal fitness goals may be, Original Goji Juice can help you get, and keep, that competitive edge!

Goji’s Unique Benefits

It has become increasingly clear that goji's far-ranging benefits are due to the presence of a series of unique bioactive molecules – Lycium barbarum polysaccharides.

What Various Athletes Have to Say About Original Goji Juice.

Paet Hidalgo
Professional Racecar Driver FIA/IndyCar

"Confidence helps position you to win. As a professional racecar driver of 17 years and a former collegiate soccer player, I understand the importance of having confidence, which in sports and life comes in part from being fit, properly nourished, and having a clear and focused mind. For me, drinking Original Goji Juice is more than just a race-day supplement, it's an everyday commitment to doing what makes me confident that I'm in position to win.”

Herculez Gomez
Professional and U.S. National Soccer Player

“I am amazed at how much better I feel drinking Original Goji Juice for such a short time. I wouldn't give it up for the world!”

Logan Tom
Two-Time Olympian and Professional Volleyball Player

“I drink Original Goji Juice before all my workouts and matches. I believe that this product, combined with my training regimen, gives me the competitive edge I need on tour.”

Original Goji Juice Keeps You In Play

Exercise can build you up, but it can also wear you down. Endurance exercise in particular can increase oxygen utilization from 10 to 20 times over the resting state, and this greatly increases the generation of highly reactive free radicals. Once formed, free radicals begin a chain reaction, attacking and damaging or destroying the cells of muscles, connective tissues, and joints.

To prevent free-radical damage, the body has a defense system of antioxidants. These special molecules interact with free radicals, terminating the chain reaction before healthy body cells are ireparably damaged. Many fruits contain antioxidants, and although they may show impressive antioxidant capacity in a laboratory beaker (also known as the ORAC test), they may perform poorly once inside the human body. In fact, many high-ORAC dietary antioxidants never leave the digestive tract.

The best antioxidant strategy is to optimize the body's production of its own highly active antioxidant enzymes. These circulate in the blood, offering protection for the whole body against the damage and fatigue that can be caused by unchecked free-radical activity.

Studies have shown that goji's powerful polysaccharides can help the body to fight free radicals by normalizing levels of all three of the important antioxidant enzymes – superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px).

Now you can help your body help itself each and every day with a shot of the pure power in Original Goji Juice.

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Weight Loss, Jiaogulan, Goji Juice Health and Nutrition Drink

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