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Father of Jiaogulan - Dr. Jialiu Liu

The Father of Jiaogulan -Dr. Jialiu Liu!

Dr. Liu is widely acknowledged to be the leading jiaogulan researcher in the world and has been called the "Father of Jiaogulan." For many years, he led a government-sponsored research team of 16 scientists studying the health-giving properties of jiaogulan. Dr. Liu enjoyed a long tenure as Professor of Pathology at Guiyang Medical College, and he has been awarded numerous honors by the Chinese government for his important research projects. Dr. Liu has been awarded the prestigious title of “Advanced Scientist” by the Ministry of Public Health, the National Committee of Education, and the National Committee of Science. He was also honored with the “Outstanding Scientist” award by the Guizhou Provincial Government.

Dr. Lialiu Liu through his many years of research has developed a special jiaogulan blend shown in one study to be about 60 times more effective than just drinking Jiaogulan tea. This is virtually unprecedented to have a product this much more potent.

Here is a letter from Dr. Lialiu Liu introducing himself,

Dear Friends,

I am happy to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and also to introduce you to jiaogulan, an herb from my native southern China that I believe possesses the most wide-ranging benefits for human health and wellness of any plant yet discovered. This may seem like a bold statement, but having studied this remarkable tonic herb for more than twenty years, I can assure you that there is strong scientific support to back up my passion for jiaogulan.

In my long career as a university professor of pathology in Guizhou, my research has focused on helping the body protect itself. In this regard, I have studied and taught aspects of both the Traditional Chinese and modern Western medical systems, which I have always believed can and should live in harmony. This is best exemplified by jiaogulan, an herb with legendary traditional benefits that have now been validated in rigorous modern research studies.

My own experience with jiaogulan began in 1987, when I was asked by the Guizhou government to lead a team of 16 scientists to investigate the properties of plants from the Mt. Fanjing rainforest in southern China. After many years studying hundreds of herbs, we ultimately came to the realization that jiaogulan was not only the rainforest's most precious gift, but was in fact nature's greatest treasure. We began to use jiaogulan in our medical university hospital with great success for a wide variety of conditions, and before long, it was also being used at numerous other hospitals throughout China. This attracted the excited attention of scientists around the world, and today there are more than 300 studies and research papers on jiaogulan from China, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and even the United States.

I am humbled that the Chinese government has chosen to honor me for my work, but what is even more pleasing to me is to be able to share my years of research experience to help formulate and bring to you the most complete and effective jiaogulan tonic in the world - Jiaogulan Tonic.

Jialiu Liu, M.D

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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