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Original Goji Juice - Here's How It's Made!

We pay strict attention to detail in the manufacturing process so you receive the finest goji juice product possible.

Our strict attention to detail, as symbolized by the spectral signature on every bottle of Original Goji Juice, is your assurance of potency, purity, and authenticity with every sip you take.

We have a healthy obsession with Original Goji Juice. We designed an incomparable product and an unrivaled manufacturing process, and we insist on nothing less than total quality. Every step of our proprietary Spectral Signature LBP Process is focused on one thing – maintaining the potency and balance of goji's key nutrients, the remarkable LBPs.

The Best of the Best Goji Berries

In The Orchards…

We have an exclusive agreement with an elite network of growers who adhere to our strict farming and harvesting standards. They are committed to sustainable and ecologically responsible farming, and fair labor practices. They supply us with their premium-grade berries, which comply with our strict profile.

Working with these growers our Research and Marketing Team created a strict certification process for growing our berries. The soil, water, air and other growing conditions must meet our exact standards. We contract exclusively with those specific farmers that can meet our specifications, and are committed to fair labor standards, and environmentally sensitive agricultural practices.

We pay our growing partners a premium for our berries. In return, we retain exclusive rights to the "best of the best" goji berries. Our stringent requirements result in higher quality berries and a healthful product that can not be duplicated anywhere.

Juicing The Berries

Super Potent Puree: Unlike other goji products, Original Goji Juice is made only from fresh berries to maximize the potency and efficacy of the all-important health-promoting polysaccharides.

The berries are extremely fragile, and they must be juiced soon after harvest or they will quickly degrade. This is not an easy task in these remote rural growing regions. To assist us in juicing the berries, we entered into an exclusive relationship with a state-of-the-art food processing plant, which operates under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that meet or exceed those required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At the processing plant, the berries are first carefully washed in purified water, and then individually inspected. Only those berries that have passed physical inspection and are certified by Spectral Signature LBP Process are used for juicing. Berries that do not pass inspection and certification are discarded.

Under Under watchful eye, the berries are gently cold pressed to create our concentrated goji puree. During this process, the seeds, stems, and skins are removed, along with any excess water. This is all accomplished without harming the LBPs.

After a battery of thorough tests, our concentrated goji puree is packed into special “aseptic totes” fitted with a layer of sanitary liners. Each tote is inspected and weighed, and marked with identification information and a tracking number. This way, each tote can be traced back to the specific orchard where the berries were harvested.

After each tote is packed, retained samples are subjected to one more round of microbiological and other tests. It is only after we ensure that the goji puree contains the perfect balance of our full-spectrum LBPs that it is ready to be shipped to the United States.

A Better Goji Blend

The Cold Facts. Our supplier has entered into an exclusive contract with a state-of-the-art aseptic manufacturing facility in the United States. Aseptic manufacturing uses breakthrough technology to guarantee an efficacious, sterile product without the prolonged application of heat found in pasteurization, hot-filling or other traditional bottling methods. Employing proprietary chill blending technology, the aseptic process delivers a cleaner, fresher taste and enhanced aroma.

To date, we are the first and only company to master the art of creating a goji product with aseptic technology as a key component in the production process.

Once the goji puree is received by our U.S. plant, quality control personnel subject it to a variety of purity tests. After verification, our concentrate is reconstituted with ultra-pure, reverse osmosis triple-filtered water and a small amount of synergistic natural juices to ensure the same great flavor in every bottle of Original Goji Juice.

Watching Every Step

In The Bottling Facility…

In the United States, our supplier has entered into an exclusive agreement with an aseptic manufacturing facility to bottle Original Goji Juice. This germ-free manufacturing process uses breakthrough technology to guarantee a sterile product without the prolonged application of heat commonly used in pasteurization, hot-filling, and other traditional bottling processes. It also delivers a cleaner, fresher taste and an enhanced aroma. To date, our supplier is the first and only company to use aseptic technology as a key component in the manufacturing process.

Excellence By Design. Each step of the bottling process is carefully supervised by the Research and Development Team. Throughout this process, Original Goji Juice is repeatedly sampled and subjected to numerous microbiological, nutrient and other tests. Rigorous quality standards ensure that our bottling plant also satisfies or exceeds all governmental regulations for nutritional products, including current Good Manufacturing Practices.

We leave nothing to chance – from the development of our unique formulation, to the growing and harvesting of our berries, to our advanced juicing methods, to our unique chill-blending, to our state-of-the-art aseptic bottling, to our never-ending series of analytical tests – we are watching every step, so you don’t have to. We have designed excellence into our process and product unlike any other goji juice producer, and we go to great lengths to make sure that every bottle of Original Goji Juice is produced to our exacting standards.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection serves as your absolute assurance that Original Goji Juice will provide the same potency, purity, and authenticity in every bottle, every time.

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