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Original Goji Juice

Goji Berry World's Most Powerful Anti-Aging Nutrition Health Food

(The Production Process of the Berry Polysaccharides Nutrients and Testing of the Fruit)

1. Selection Criteria
Vine-ripened, Himalayan-quality berries are carefully harvested and sorted according to strict selection criteria.
2. Purification & Inspection
Berries are gently washed at a licensed, government-inspected juicing facility.
3. Juicing Process
Berries are juiced to a puree by cold pressing through a micro-fine screen to remove seeds and stems.
4. Analysis & Testing
Goji puree is subjected to complete nutrient and microbiological analysis, and tested for absence of pesticide residues.
5. Proprietary Chill-Blending
The puree is combined with natural ingredients utilizing exclusive recipe and proprietary chill-blending methods to preserve the balance and content of the active polysaccharides.
6. Cold-Fill Process
GOJI™ JUICE is cold-filled into costly, plasticizer-free pharmaceutical-grade bottles. This provides superior protection as compared to glass with no possibility of 'leaching'.
7. Final Testing
Finished GOJI™ JUICE is subjected to an exhaustive battery of tests, including polysaccharide analysis, and full microbiological testing.
Himalayan Goji Juice Production Process Berry Polysaccharides Nutrients Testing Fruit


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Goji Juice

The World's Most Powerful Anti-Aging Food

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Goji Juice

The World's Most Powerful Anti-Aging Food


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