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Announcing a Breakthrough in Women's Bone Health! A Soy Calcium Supplement with Natural vitamin K2 (MK-7)
(Note: This product is the new improved OsteoSoy product)

women bone health soy calcium supplement menopause symptoms kudzu mineralsRetail Price: $29.95
Advantage Price: $22.95
Advantage Savings: $7.00 (30%)

120 caplets 30 day supply
Available for immediate shipping
OsteoMate Superior Calcium Product Ingredients

Specifically designed for the unique nutritional needs of women, OsteoMate supports bone health and more.

Support bone health with multi forms of calcium specially selected for their superior bioavailability

Supported by 6 specific vitamins and minerals that work in conjunction with calcium to maintain bone health

Take the calcium supplement that is proven to dissolve and get absorbed

Micro-coating makes tablets easy to swallow

Your bones are the body’s storehouses for calcium and phosphorus, dissolving them into the blood as they are needed for other body functions. By eating foods rich in these two minerals, you replenish and restore what is lost each day in a never-ending process known as bone remodeling. Unfortunately, after age 30, the rebuilding process starts to lag behind the breakdown process, and that can lead to a loss of bone density and strength.

OsteoMate™ is an advanced nutraceutical bone-building supplement that provides the most currently recommended levels of multi-source calcium and phosphorus, along with key nutrients to encourage healthy bone growth.† These special nutrients include:

Natural vitamin K2 (MK-7): This newly discovered “miracle vitamin” activates bone proteins to keep calcium where it belongs, and studies have shown that it can help decrease the risk of postmenopausal bone fractures.†

Vitamin D: This critical vitamin is essential for proper calcium absorption so that bones will not become thin, brittle, or deformed. Many people are deficient in this “sunshine vitamin” because of the blocking effects of sunscreens.

Magnesium: Without this important mineral, calcium cannot be absorbed into bones, and studies have found a correlation between magnesium intake and bone density.

Boron: Studies have shown that this trace mineral can reduce urinary calcium and magnesium excretion by up to 40%, and it is thought to play a role in coordinating the bone building roles of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K.†

OsteoMate is designed for ease of swallowing and is formulated with proprietary QwikDisolv™ technology for rapid disintegration and optimal absorption.

The skeletal system is a storehouse of mineral nutrients essential for many of the body's vital functions. Like cash in a bank, the body withdraws minerals as it needs them, and re-deposits them when it is able. While we are growing, the body deposits more than it withdraws. As we age, the body gradually begins to use more bone than it can replace. In women, bone mass begins to decline at about 35 years of age and accelerates rapidly during the 8 to 10 years around the time of menopause. The result can be excessive bone loss.

Recognizing this problem, our scientists set about to formulate a complete bone care formulation for every woman. The result is new OsteoMate™. Far from just another calcium supplement, new OsteoMate™ provides specific vitamins and minerals that work synergistically with its multi bioavailable forms of calcium to promote healthy bones.

OsteoMate™ is the first women's bone-support supplement to provide Natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) the amazing new miracle vitamin.

And in yet another demonstration of the miracle of the soybean, OsteoMate™ solves the difficult problem of calcium tablet disintegration with its exclusive QwikDisolv™ technology. Specialized soy fibers called polysaccharides are strategically dispersed throughout the tablet. There they act like little wicks, drawing external moisture into the tablet core. These "wicks" expand with the moisture, allowing the tablet to swell and to quickly disintegrate for optimum nutrient availability.

Left: Osteoporosis Femur (hip) with Fracture   Right: Normal Femur

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women bone health soy calcium supplement  menopause symptoms kudzu mineralsRetail Price: $29.95
Advantage Price: $22.95
Advantage Savings: $9.00 (30%)


120 caplets 30 day supply
Available for immediate shipping

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women bone health soy calcium supplement  menopause symptoms kudzu minerals

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"I started taking OsteoMate and now I sleep like a baby, don't have anymore hot flashes and have relief from my ankle discomfort."
Myrt Liebig, SD


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