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Enjoy Instantly Flawless Skin!.

This Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Gel is designed to minimize the appearance of aging— right before your eyes —within minutes!

Skincare that Works With Your Body Chemistry

This product is scientifically designed to work in conjunction with your skin’s chemistry to instantly and temporarily firm, tone, and lift your look. It’s a great alternative to costly and potentially dangerous needles. Starting within seconds of application, this lightweight gel begins to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face, neck, and even hands.

Let's Check Out the Benefits - It Instantly:

  • Smoothes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms, tones, and lessens appearance of deeper lines and creases
  • Minimizes the look of under-eye puffiness
  • Refines the appearance of pores
  • Diminishes dark under-eye circles
  • Lightly conceals and brightens skin and eye areas

It is Designed to Erase Skin Imperfections in Minutes!

Product is designed to minimize the appearance of aging —right before your eyes —within minutes!

This breakthrough formulation is a a result of eight years and $5.5 million of research on the miraculous Asian goji berry.

It has Benefits Beyond Just Wrinkles

This amazing skincare product minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, under-eye circles, and puffiness. Its blend of light-diffusing micro-minerals works to lightly conceal and brighten your skin for a refreshed look.

Everyone Can Have Flawless Looking Skin!

  • Applies easily and dries quickly
  • Look smoother and younger in minutes!
  • Great alone or with make-up
  • Ideal fit for single-use, on-the-go packettes
  • Works great for guys too!

Skincare Product Features

Product contains the age-defying beauty secret of the Asian goji berry. Eight years and over $5 million of research have shown diverse skin benefits with both topical and oral use of goji. These benefits have been shown in multiple published studies.


Product features a multi-functional blend of colloidal and ionic micro-minerals. As the product dries on your skin, the minerals contract, tighten and lift the skin to minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and under-eye puffiness. The minerals also help to fill and conceal dark eye circles and enlarged pores. The light-diffusing properties of the micro- minerals help to blur imperfections.


Has become a popular ingredient in anti-aging treatments. It is a peptide that is said to help the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. Unlike Botox ® , argireline is non-toxic and does not require injections.

Directions For Use

Directions: Apply after skincare regimen, but before makeup. Make sure skin is completely clean and dry.

1. Briefly massage packette before opening to activate gel.

2. Squeeze a small amount onto third fingertip and lightly dab a thin layer over lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, under eyes, on neck, décolletage, hands, and other desired areas. Leave damp on skin. Do not rub in!

3. Remain expressionless until gel is fully absorbed. (Wait for about two to three minutes.)

Note: Apply a thin layer to desired spot.

Product has a built-in indicator letting you know if you applied too much, leaving a faint white/pink residue. If this occurs, simply blend in with a damp fingertip. Oil-based makeup may reduce effectiveness. Discard unused contents of packette.

* Note Results are not permanent

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