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The Truth About Weight Loss Diets, Exercise and Losing Fat.

Let’s discuss weight loss and diets a little bit here. We (my wife Shirley and I) have been marketing nutrition products for over 10 years now. We have literally serviced thousands of satisfied customers during that time. Some even take the time to send us back a note of thanks like the following two:

We received our order promptly and it was undamaged. Thank you for your
wonderful service!
Kathy P. - California

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But hey let’s get back to weight loss and what we have seen that works. Of course we avoid the weight loss drugs, we do not recommend them as they can be dangerous, however I suppose in some extreme cases with certain obese people the benefits may outweigh the bad side effects.

We (my wife and I) are like observers in a sense, but we have also studied many articles and journals concerning weight loss. This is our frank opinion based on results we have seen with people taking various weight loss products. We do not have millions of dollars at stake so we can afford to be upfront and open with you. It's hard for companies to be totally objective with millions of dollars at stake.

Here is where we believe the majority of people go wrong when trying to lose weight.

They don’t take in enough protein on whatever diet they are on so in effect they are causing their bodies to instead of burning fat to burning lean muscle.

In effect lean muscle burns at rest about 17 times more calories per day than the same amount of fat. The amount of muscle you have greatly determines your metabolism and how many calories your body burns each day. This is why people when they come off their diet and start eating again they can put the weight right back on again as their body is now naturally burning less calories than before. In effect they have slowed down their metabolism. This is especially true it seems of women who have less natural muscle mass than men.

This is really why the Atkins diet is so effective. It cuts out a lot of the carbohydrates, which because people often eat too many of them cause weight gain. And by eating the protein it is making sure that you don’t lose any muscle and may even gain some additional muscle mass.

The other major factor why people don’t lose weight are lack of exercise and to a lesser degree the wrong types of exercise. For example a brisk walk can cause your body to go into the fat burning state called ketosis better than running.

We earlier discussed how important muscle mass was in maintaining a healthy weight. This is why light resistance exercises (weight training) is so effective in losing weight because it help you add muscle mass. This doesn’t have to be massive amounts of weight, any light resistance amounts of weight can be effective at adding muscle.

This is why men and women who participate even in light resistance exercises 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes almost always lose weight when they combine this with their weight loss program. This has been our observation over the last 10 years or so.

So to sum it up, you want to lose weight the formula is simple, following it is much more difficult.

Cut your excess carbs, eat more protein and so moderate exercise like walking and light resistance exercises like weights. Do this and control what you eat and you will lose weight.

Now there are a number of weight loss products on the market that can help facilitate your weight loss, but unless you are willing to do what we just mentioned, you will not achieve your total weight loss goal.

This is not to say particular products aren’t effective as they may prevent you from adding additional pounds or even help you lose a few pounds.

Also is the issue of carbs, we are not idiots here, we realize carbohydrates are used for energy. However, the bottom line is most people consume much more carbohydrates then thy need on a daily basis and the excess gets converted to fat. You know the story.

As far as most weight loss products, most people have varying opinions. Here is the issue, most of the reputable weight loss products work to a certain degree. The problem is most people look at them as miracle workers, which will allow them to continue to eat way too much (this is kinder than eat like a pig), not exercise and expect to lose weight on the product. So at the end of 30 or 60 days they weight or measure themselves and think that product sucked, I didn’t lose anything. Meanwhile they forget their lifestyle over that period.

This is why recording eating habits in a journal is so effective and why it is recommended.

With this mind there are a couple weight loss products we do recommend. I mean we all need a helping hand. These products are like assistants, they will not work on their own. But with your commitment to eating better and exercise they will make it much easier.

TAIslim (weight loss) is a good product with a number of weight loss testimonies behind it. Besides blocking carbs it is a fat burner and helps with cravings.

Check out the Soy Miracle Ultimate Body Toner – I have had a number of people report good results with this product is terms of helping them to tone their body fat. Although I have no personal experience with this product. Here are some of the body toning testimonies that people have reported.

Chi3 Health Energy Drink – while this is mainly an excellent energy drink it also contains GoChi a good fat burner. There are a lot of good testimonies on this product.

Chi3 Health Energy Drink (GoChi Fat Burner) Comments

As far as protein shakes are concerned, here is an excellent one as good or better than any on the market Soy Miracle Ultimate Protein Shake). However, protein shakes are mainly a convenience product. I would love to sell you one, however there are other items like soy milk that are less expensive and can give you the protein you need.

Freelife's Ultimate Weight Loss Plan & Diet Tips

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