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FAQ MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
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FAQ MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
Naturally Soothing Lotion for Muscles and Joints

Frequently Asked Questions about:
Pure Comfort

Is Pure Comfort okay to use on people with sensitive skin?

Pure Comfort may be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Place a small amount of Pure Comfort in a small area to see if irritation occurs. If irritation does occur, discontinue use and consult a physician for advice.
Why did FreeLife reformulate Pure Comfort?

FreeLife is constantly performing research to stay at the forefront of the latest scientific and nutritional advancements. When new ingredients and dosages prove to be more valuable, we enhance our products to provide you with the best source for Total Health. With just one application of this revolutionary lotion, Pure Comfort helps to relax your stressed muscles and joints.
How long is Pure Comfort effective for?

Its effectiveness will work for up to four hours. Apply Pure Comfort as often as needed.
Can nursing or pregnant women use Pure Comfort?

Pure Comfort may be used during nursing or by pregnant women with the approval of a physician.
How does aloe support muscles and joints?

Aloe soothes and relaxes stressed muscles and joints. It is also an excellent all-natural moisturizer.
How much Pure Comfort should I use per application?

You can use as much Pure Comfort as needed. A thicker application works best when giving a deeper massage.
What benefit does MSM have for joints and muscles?

MSM is a component of the proteins that form muscles. Adding MSM in the form of a topical lotion to the skin helps soothe and relax muscle and joint tension.
What can I use Pure Comfort for?

Pure Comfort can be used for many different things. It can be used before and after exercising, for everyday support, as a chest rub, to help support sinuses, and for massages.

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FAQ MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
FAQ MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for MusclesOur No Risk 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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According to a 1993 study conducted by Kansas State University, back pains are found to be second only to the common cold as the greatest cause of lost workdays.
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