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Usage Tips MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
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Usage Tips MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
Naturally Soothing Lotion for Muscles and Joints

Pure Comfort®

  • All-natural topical lotion
  • No "untouchables" added
  • Free from artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives
  • Aloe vera and willowherb help relax muscles and joints
  • MSM helps nourish the skin
  • Soothes away tension
  • Great for massage
  • Greaseless and stainless

How to Use Pure Comfort® Most Effectively

Simply rub Pure Comfort® on your back, neck, arms, legs, or any other part of your body to help soothe your muscles and joints. Apply Pure Comfort® as often as necessary to relax you and massage your troubles away!

The Many Uses Of Pure Comfort®!

Muscle Fatigue and Stress - Pure Comfort® is ideal for the whole family. Men and women can use Pure Comfort® to help soothe muscle fatigue and stress after a hard day's work, after cleaning, or after heavy lifting. Pure Comfort® can be applied on children after they ride their bicycles, swim in the pool, or play sports.

Joint Tension - Pure Comfort® can be used on every joint in your body-knees, wrists, neck, and fingers to name a few-and as often as necessary to help soothe tension and discomfort.

Everyday Application - Use Pure Comfort® every morning to start your day relaxed and ready to take on whatever comes along. Apply Pure Comfort® before using the phone or computer for long periods of time. This convenient bottle can be carried with you and applied throughout the day to help reduce stress and enhance flexibility and mobility.

Before Exercise - When used before exercising, Pure Comfort® can help reduce stress and tension for muscles and joints. Athletes, in particular, have the comfort of knowing that less tension on muscles and joints will help enhance their performance.

After Exercise - Apply Pure Comfort® after exercising indoors and outdoors to help reduce discomfort and to gain back flexibility. Pure Comfort® can be used on feet and knees after activities such as running or playing tennis.

Sinus Benefits - The pleasant smell of Pure Comfort® and the benefits of camphor and menthol will help support your sinuses, even after it dissipates. Simply rub on your temples and neck (avoid the delicate eye area) any time of the year.

Chest Rub - Rub Pure Comfort® on your chest for immediate warmth and a soothing sensation. It is safe for children, too!

Massages - Massage away stressed and fatigued muscles and joints with Pure Comfort®. The creamy lotion creates a warm feeling, while helping to soothe discomfort and ease relaxation.

Proven Results From Pure Comfort®

"As I was getting ready for bed, I applied Pure Comfort to my lower back and hip area hoping for a better night's sleep. Within ½ hour, I felt the effects of Pure Comfort! Thank you, again, for developing this product."
Jan Anderson, Michigan

"I just tried Pure Comfort for the first time. When it is damp or going to rain, I have discomfort in my thumbs and wrists. I can't pick up anything heavy because there is no strength to hold anything. This afternoon, I rubbed in Pure Comfort and before the cream was absorbed I experienced such relief. It's been hours since I applied it, and I can still move my thumbs and wrists without discomfort. Thank you, again!"
Barbara Mundie, MA

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Usage Tips MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for Muscles
Usage Tips MSM Body Lotion w/ Aloe Vera Burdock Root Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E for MusclesOur No Risk 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Did You Know?
According to a 1993 study conducted by Kansas State University, back pains are found to be second only to the common cold as the greatest cause of lost workdays.
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