Tuesday, May 31, 2005

96 Year Young Man Celebrates Birthday with Himalayan Goji Juice

What is the typical impression of a 96 year old man. Hunched over, in a wheel chair, bed-ridden perhaps. Only able to walk with a walker.

The point is only a small percentage of people even reach their 96 birthday. Even fewer still reach it and are still in relatively good health. Only a fraction are active at this age. Yet this is the case for Carl Patton of Westerville, Ohio. He just celebrated his 96th Birthday.

Still active at 96 Carl is able to walk like a normal person with a normal step although if he is going to walk far he carries a cane more for balance in case he might trip than anything else. He still has all his mental facilities and is able to carry on a conversation just like you are me. His main deficiency is he is hard of hearing, although this is remedied with a hearing aid.

He still drives a car (short distances), gardens, shovels snow (by hand) in the winter, mows the grass (with a ride on mover) and still does a number of handyman like chores, building and fixing various things. At 94 Carl was seen up on his roof (he had to climb a ladder to get there) repairing some shingles, while on the one story roof he slipped and fell but fortunately he only suffered some minor bruises.

Carl is an example of what most peoples health could be at that age instead of the rare exception.

The point is healthcare in this country needs to put much more of an emphasis on prevention than treating illness. Until this happens people living to 96 will be the exception. But on the bright side this aids the social security problem (tongue in cheek).

Notice in the picture that Carl is holding a bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice, which he loves. With Goji Juice he hopes to have another 14 or more birthdays.

Oh and Carl happens to be my grandfather.

96 Year Young Man Celebrates Birthday with Himalayan Goji Juice

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