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Comparison of Himalayan Goji Juice to Other Brands of Goji Juice

When the information is clear, decisions are easy. A great marketing line, but so very true. The problem is most often people don't have enough information or the information is not clear enough to make a wise decision. I hope this clears up some information in the following regard.

I have been asked what the difference is between authentic Himalayan Goji Juice and some of the cheaper (inferior?) versions you are starting to see on the market. Where do I begin here? First let me ask aren't there differences that explain why some cars cost 2-3 times what another auto might cost? The same goes with grapes, why do some bottles of wines sell for many times the price of a cheap bottle of wine?

The answer is quality. Consider this:

Freelife through extensive research brought Goji Juice to the market at the end of 2003. Soon after the copycats started to spring up. Now with some types of products a generic cheaper imitation may do just as well as the top product. I'm sure you can probably think of several products that fit into this category.

However, does Goji Juice fit into this category? Let's examine what we do know.

First Freelife is the pioneer into researching Goji Juice and bringing it to North America and other parts of the world. What people don't know is this, originally Freelife wanted to introduce this to the World in 1995. But as we stated earlier it didn't come out until the end of 2003? The reason was Freelife wasn't able to get consistent results with the quality of the goji juice. Freelife wasn't at that time able to get a product that produces the legendary health results on a consistent basis.

Here is the root of the problem all producers of goji juice are faced with.

There are over 40 different varieties of goji berries. Only one of which has the 4 master polysaccharides in the correct balance to produce the legendary health results. And as you might have guessed at this point this special berry is not easily identifiable. If it were it wouldn't have taken all those years of research. Freelife could have brought it to the market 8 years sooner.

Basically all their research led them to develop a special Proprietary Spectral Analysis process to identify the exact plant and berry of the legendary Goji Berry. In effect I guess you could describe this as a fingerprinting process.

So the point is this, it took the world's foremost nutritionist and his staff years to come up with the best goji juice product. Consider this, my guess is if they could have come up with a product that even came close to the current product on a consistent basis they would have released it years sooner. And then worked to improve it. This tells me they must have experienced at first a lot of inconsistency in product effectiveness that they felt just couldn't bring it to the market earlier than they did.

With this being said Freelife is the only company using this special Proprietary Spectral Analysis tool.

So if other copycats brands have come out with a goji juice product in a very short order after the release of Himalayan Goji Juice, just to try to cash in on the goji phenomenon? What do you think would be the effectiveness of their product? After all anyone could in effect take any old goji berries make them into a juice and sell it as goji juice.

Now consider one more item.

Whenever you use a screening process like this Proprietary Spectral Analysis tool the natural byproduct is you end up rejecting items in this case goji berries that don't meet the standard.

Now pretend you're the grower of these rejected berries. Are you going to just throw them away because they were rejected? Heck no, you're a businessperson. You're going to sell them to another buyer who will sell them as berries or make them into another goji juice.

Now consider one last item.

We're so sure you'll absolutely just love this product that it comes with the strongest guarantee around - a 60 Day no Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee! You can even try 4 bottles and if you're not totally in love with this product we'll give you all your money back.
...and the other goji juice products with only a 30 day guarantee, if they're so confident in their product, why not the guarantee to prove it?

Comparison of Himalayan Goji Juice to Other Brands of Goji Juice

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