Monday, February 04, 2008

Family and Friends and the Home Based Business

Here is my take on family and friends after 13 years experience and the reason people don't like to approach them. See if you don't agree with this.

I often hear - I would like to start a home business but I don't want to market to my friends and family. Now let me say this before I go further I never want to exclusively tailor my marketing message to my family and friends. Unless they're all highly successful business people to do so would be foolish.

Actually family and friends are really a gauge of your marketing efforts and should be treated as such. If you do you will have much more success with them and also your cold market.

But first the reason people fail with friends and family is because- I'll be real blunt here - their marketing message sucks big time it stinks, like 30 cowboys sitting around a campfire after eating ole Shorty the Cook's pork and beans recipe. Or that person hearing your message isn't too bright.

Family and friends should be treated like a barometer - not a person to just market to. But that's will people go wrong - they look at their family and friends as someone to market to and not as a barometer of their marketing message.

You see the reason you and others get burned out with your warm market is because of rejection. But what they're actually rejecting is the lack of power in your message and not you. You see your friends and family are typically not actively looking for an opportunity or a particular product so you buy leads of people who are. These leads are typically people who have more hope than knowledge so they might join, but then because the marketing message they approach others with stinks they struggle.

You don't want to approach your family and friends with the idea of selling them your product or opportunity as this is a big turn off and yet most people proceed in this fashion.

The proper way to approach them is like this, "Hi Friend Bob I have a new business, however first let me say I'm not trying to sell you anything. However, would you mind taking 5- 10 minutes of your time to tell me what you like or don't like about what I have I'd love to get your opinion and then if you think someone you know could benefit from this product would you mind giving me their name so I can contact them?"

I contend that if people totally discount their family and friends they shouldn't even be in that business.

The way people should approach their family and friends is as if they are on a mission to let them know about their product and all you're doing is asking them to do is give their opinion of it and if they would be interested why and if not why. And never just trust one or two people's opinion - get a multitude of opinion.

Think of it like this - do you think your family and friends would be interested in buying $10 bills from you for $7? Your marketing message about your product should be powerful. Like I say they should be a barometer of how strong or weak your message is.

No don't get me wrong - I don't depend on my family and friends to make me wealthy in any business but I'm never been involved in a successful home business, (I've been involved in two of them now where I've achieved a 6 figure income) where my friends and family were totally turned off to my product. On the other hand the ones I failed at my friends and family all thought what I had was stupid. In fact in the successful businesses they got involved with me.

The bottom line is it's all about the power of the marketing message and I never discount approaching them, however I don't do it like most people would. It's all about delivering a message like a mission to people including friends and family and not about trying to sell them on your product or business.

It's all about having the power of your message speak for itself - not you trying to sell them. But I'll tell you now if you don't feel your message is strong enough to take to friends and family well I doubt that you'll have much success in that business with strangers.

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