Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Energy Drink Chi3 with GoChi Creates Home Business Opportunity

What will you do with this information? Will you be smarter than I was? Over 4 years ago I was approached about marketing Himalayan Goji Juice and I said no to it several times before finally saying yes over 4 months later. Because of timing and so forth not saying yes originally has probably cost me tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now don't get me wrong I've still done quite well making a strong 6-figure income.

I can't go back and undo my mistake, but you can avoid making the same mistake I did. Let me ask you a question, when you were a kid did you ever play games where you would mess up and then you would say, can I have a "do over"? And then depending upon whom you were playing they would either grant or deny you the "do over." Then you grew up and discovered Life doesn't offer you "do overs", no how much you wished you had bought a certain stock or done this or not done something else, that's just what it was, just a wish.

Well I'm here to tell you that you've just been given a "do over". You may have missed the original launch of Himalayan Goji Juice. Well now there is a new launch of Chi3 - the first truly healthy energy drink. The energy drink is a huge already and growing market, however up until now it's been dominated by the high sugar, high calorie high drinks that can give you a boost for a couple hours before you crash into an energy low.

Let me tell you here - this Chi3 Energy Drink flat out gives you energy, focus and performance like nobody else's business. In fact that's what makes this so superior to any other energy drink out there. It's not just that Chi3 is much healthier for you because it doesn't give you all the un-healthy sugar and calories of all those other drinks without the sugar crash. It gives you something they can't focus and confident performance for only 16 calories and it tastes great.

Well now you can be in on the ground floor of what potentially could be much bigger than the launch of Himalayan Goji Juice and here's why:

First it's the first in a new category - healthy energy drinks. Just being first by itself is huge.

Second is the nature of the product and how it's perfectly suited for this type of business. Our business model thrives on excitement and fast growth. Because our Chi3 Energy Drink works so fast (less than 15 minutes) people feel an immediate result thus they know when they introduce someone to the product that person will
experience a result almost immediately, which goes a long long way towards someone being interested in marketing your product. In fact fast results could be the number one determining factor in someone deciding to market your product or not.

Third is a solid back end plan to increase sales and keep momentum rolling well into the future by doing the following:
Many programs and companies stagnate over time because while they may start with a great product if nothing new is done or no new products are created than the opportunity can become stale and stagnate. Freelife is addressing this issue by planning on releasing exciting new products about 3 times a year (January, May, September) based on the latest in scientific anti-aging and nutritional research. (The upcoming product release in January 2009 I believe will consist of several state of the art weight loss products.) So once your business gets rolling these new product releases are designed to keep your people excited and motivated to keep your business growing and not becoming stagnant.

Note: I didn't even mention that Freelife also just released an incredible anti-aging multi nutrient with 66 separate nutrients that would be a flag ship product in many companies. This product is called Daily Edge - I urge you to check it out here.

Daily Edge Anti-Aging Nutrition Health Supplement

In addition a top management commitment to CANI or continuous improvement and a huge slate of international expansion set for the next several years and you have just an incredible opportunity.

And I didn't even mention all the other huge pluses like a comp plan, which is arguably the industry, and rewards helping other distributors, a management team committed to putting distributors first and so much more.

Get back to me and see how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. If you want to work with a full time professional please get right back to me.

Click Here to Contact us For more Information!

Check out Chi3 Healthy Energy Drink-Click Here!

Chi 3 Energy Drink FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

3 Simple Steps to Success - GoChi Juice Home Business Click Here!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New GoChi Energy Health Drink Equals Great Home Business Opportunity

The truth about a home based business and the so called ground floor opportunity. There's a new product on the horizon that if we examine recent history has all the indications of being quite a huge success. Statistically the vast majority of so called ground floor opportunities are 1- 2 year busts. You work your butt off for a couple years with nothing to show for it when that company goes out of business.

It doesn't have to be that way, you can greatly put the odds in your favor to turn what amounts to a ground floor opportunity into something that's most likely as close to a sure thing as you're probably ever going to get. I bet you're thinking to yourself right now, how can he say that? How does he know?

Well I don't know anything for sure, nobody can predict the future but you can examine past history and because history has a way of repeating itself you can position yourself to take advantage of that knowledge. So let's examine what we know about this new product and company.

The company itself (Freelife) has a track record of huge success with the launch of its Himalayan Goji Juice product the end of 2003.

Then in early 2008 they took an already great product in Himalayan Goji Juice and improved it and increased its potency by over 30%. Also Freelife was the first and only company to conduct clinical studies on human beings with it's product documenting 19 specific health benefits in 30 days of use - this is unprecedented.

Now this company was track record of big success and total dedication to excellence is coming out with a new product next month in one of the fastest growing areas of the wellness industry. An area that is expected to reach 10 Billion dollars in annual sales by 2011. And this product is expected to be the best product in this area.

Now here's the question for you - do you want to take a gamble where you only have statistical probability of 1 out of 20 to actually be successful and gamble on an unknown product or company with only a hope for success, or Freelife with the above unquestionable pedigree of success. I know where I'm betting my money.

The Freelife Science Team has been busy developing new products which are formulated to keep our bodies healthy, our minds sharp, and our Company on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry!

The first product will make Freelife the leader in one of the fastest growing segments in the wellness industry – a segment expected to reach almost $10 billion in annual sales by 2011! The Freelife Science Team has found a way to harness the amazing power of GoChi and create a product that delivers results that no other company can come close to. This is your ultimate opportunity to get on the fast-track to building the business and the path to financial freedom.

Freelife's second innovative new product is equally ground-breaking and fast-acting. This product is synergistically formulated to give maximum benefit when taken with FreeLife's clinically studied GoChi. Formulated straight from the headlines of leading scientific journals, this product will raise the bar across the entire health and wellness industry.

Be the first to learn about these exciting new products and be the first to deliver them to people all around the world.

GoChi home business ground floor opportunity.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Home Business Success Video Common Network Marketing Mistake

Most people that start a home based business of this nature never consider how to properly build and structure their business. Sure it is okay and even encouraged to tell your friends family and people you come in contact with about your product and business.

However, the point people miss and what separates the A-list networkers from the average networkers is the A-listers will move heaven and earth to find their key people. That's their focus, while they're not opposed to telling the neighbors about their product, that is not their key focus.

What these A-list networkers do is focus on finding their key people that will be the foundation of their business.

Here is a video that shows what most home business people don't consider when getting started. In addition this video shows how to avoid this common network marketing mistake of going after average.

Think of it like this - if you wanted to build the best sports team - football, baseball, basketball, hockey, wouldn't you try to recruit the best players and talent? Sure you would..

The Home Business Just Lot a Whole Lot Easier - GoChi Goji Juice Home Business

Germany - German GoChi Goji Home Business Opportunity!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Family and Friends and the Home Based Business

Here is my take on family and friends after 13 years experience and the reason people don't like to approach them. See if you don't agree with this.

I often hear - I would like to start a home business but I don't want to market to my friends and family. Now let me say this before I go further I never want to exclusively tailor my marketing message to my family and friends. Unless they're all highly successful business people to do so would be foolish.

Actually family and friends are really a gauge of your marketing efforts and should be treated as such. If you do you will have much more success with them and also your cold market.

But first the reason people fail with friends and family is because- I'll be real blunt here - their marketing message sucks big time it stinks, like 30 cowboys sitting around a campfire after eating ole Shorty the Cook's pork and beans recipe. Or that person hearing your message isn't too bright.

Family and friends should be treated like a barometer - not a person to just market to. But that's will people go wrong - they look at their family and friends as someone to market to and not as a barometer of their marketing message.

You see the reason you and others get burned out with your warm market is because of rejection. But what they're actually rejecting is the lack of power in your message and not you. You see your friends and family are typically not actively looking for an opportunity or a particular product so you buy leads of people who are. These leads are typically people who have more hope than knowledge so they might join, but then because the marketing message they approach others with stinks they struggle.

You don't want to approach your family and friends with the idea of selling them your product or opportunity as this is a big turn off and yet most people proceed in this fashion.

The proper way to approach them is like this, "Hi Friend Bob I have a new business, however first let me say I'm not trying to sell you anything. However, would you mind taking 5- 10 minutes of your time to tell me what you like or don't like about what I have I'd love to get your opinion and then if you think someone you know could benefit from this product would you mind giving me their name so I can contact them?"

I contend that if people totally discount their family and friends they shouldn't even be in that business.

The way people should approach their family and friends is as if they are on a mission to let them know about their product and all you're doing is asking them to do is give their opinion of it and if they would be interested why and if not why. And never just trust one or two people's opinion - get a multitude of opinion.

Think of it like this - do you think your family and friends would be interested in buying $10 bills from you for $7? Your marketing message about your product should be powerful. Like I say they should be a barometer of how strong or weak your message is.

No don't get me wrong - I don't depend on my family and friends to make me wealthy in any business but I'm never been involved in a successful home business, (I've been involved in two of them now where I've achieved a 6 figure income) where my friends and family were totally turned off to my product. On the other hand the ones I failed at my friends and family all thought what I had was stupid. In fact in the successful businesses they got involved with me.

The bottom line is it's all about the power of the marketing message and I never discount approaching them, however I don't do it like most people would. It's all about delivering a message like a mission to people including friends and family and not about trying to sell them on your product or business.

It's all about having the power of your message speak for itself - not you trying to sell them. But I'll tell you now if you don't feel your message is strong enough to take to friends and family well I doubt that you'll have much success in that business with strangers.

The Home Business Just Lot a Whole Lot Easier - GoChi Goji Juice Home Business

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

GoChi Goji Juice - More Home Business Value to You

As someone who's potentially interested in a home business opportunity we realize providing value is often the deciding factor.

If we can provide you more value in terms of a better lifestyle, or more time to spend with those you love or more time doing the things you want to do, versus have to do. Or more financial, emotional or physical security than what you would have to spend in terms of time, money or resources then we're quite confident you'll join us.

Would you be interested in the "right product or marketing opportunity" if it came along if it satisfied the following criteria?

1. The product was very hot and/or was poised to become even hotter. Poised in 2008 for big expansion into Europe and other international countries.

2. You can receive additional incentives based upon your performance from those you're working for that included extra distributors and customers. This has the effect getting a pay raise on top of a pay raise. You obviously give yourself a pay increase when you produce more, however this only adds to that pay raise.

The key to increasing value to you in marketing is providing you more of the things you desire, while reducing the undesirable things.

The Goji Product Advantages

* Super hot product that just became hotter with the introduction of GoChi Juice.
* It was just made 30% more potent and Preservative Free. This is unprecedented.
* 4000 year old history, the longest history of any nutrition product.
* 90 documented studies on Pubmed.gov
* Featured in the following publications
o Featured on Oprah Show
o Time Magazine Superfruit of the Year
o Featured in LA Times
o Women's World Magazine
o Golf Magazine
o ABC News
o Today Show
o Chiropractic Wellness Magazine
* Tastes Better than Other Health Drinks
* Goji is Better able to Handle more Stressful growing conditions than virtually all those other fruits and berries (i.e Noni, mangosteen, acai berry), which can't tolerate freezing temperatures.
* And many others

The Goji Marketing Advantages

* 12 year old mature company with the record setting growth of a new company
* Millions invested for growth and infrastructure
* World Class management team with a Billion Dollar vision
* Member of the Direct Selling Association DSA - Co-Founder Youngest Owner ever awarded a full seat on the DSA
* Exclusive Contract with top nutritional authority and Number 1 selling nutritional author in the world.
* Numerous websites and tools dedicated to your success
* Possibly best most lucrative comp plan in the Industry - pays 10 levels Plus infinity- plus a matching enroller bonus.
* Comp Plan is Perfectly suited for momentum growth and placing distributors under distributors.
* Incredible momentum timing at the present. The money is made in this industry with timing.
* Product advantages - see Goji product Advantages.
* And many others

The Home Business Just Lot a Whole Lot Easier - GoChi Goji Juice Home Business

For More GoChi Goji Juice FAQ Click Here!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Goji Juice -Letter of Excitement- Something Big

Hold on to your hats boys and girls- something is new in the air about Himalayan Goji Juice and it is big. This goji berry is a berry that has been held in high regard for over 4000 years and since its introduction as goji juice in the US about 4 years ago it has had much press, well over 99% of it positive. Sure there is the occasional negative article but I believe that it is mostly the work of those that see goji juice as a competitive threat. Any great product is always going to have detractors.

Anyway here is part of a letter from Ray Faltinsky (Freelife CEO) concerning Himalayan Goji Juice .

Four years ago - in the months leading up to the launch of Himalayan Goji Juice - I had an excited, slightly anxious feeling in my stomach, because I knew what was going to happen once we launched this product. I just knew with complete confidence that Himalayan Goji Juice would be a record-setting product that would change the lives of millions of people around the world. And I knew the incomes it would create along the way as people shared this product with others. Well, since our launch in 2003, that feeling has been confirmed again and again.

Now, that same sense of anticipation and excitement is back with a vengeance!

On January 8, 2008, we will be making the most significant announcement we have made since the launch of Himalayan Goji Juice!

1. It will literally set us miles apart from the competition.
2. It will have a bigger impact on health worldwide than anything we have ever done.
3. It will allow our Marketing Executives to grow their businesses faster and larger than ever before.
4. It will allow us to attract more Customers and Business Builders than at any time in our history.
5. It will make 2008 our largest year ever, by a wide, wide margin, and it will help us achieve our goal of being a billion-dollar company in a shorter period of time than we ever imagined.

This announcement will be rolled out in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico in early 2008, and then in our other markets over the next several months (depending on government approval processes).

It will also be rolled out with our launch in Germany in April!

I'm so excited about this launch that it is literally keeping me up at night! It brings together nearly 36 combined years of experience between Kevin and me in the Direct Sales industry and wraps it up into what we believe will be our most significant and important launch to date. An enormous amount of time, money, and effort over the last two years has gone into the preparation for this announcement. It is something we have greatly anticipated for some time now, but the end result was far better than we ever hoped for or expected! It is truly a dream come true for me, Kevin, and everyone associated with FreeLife. So many things came together to make this happen that there is no denying that our Company is blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

Get ready for this industry-shaking news on January 8, 2008! It will first be announced at our Royal Ambassador Leadership Summit at the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach, California, that morning, and then announced via a Webcast that you can watch online that evening. Mark your calendars for this historic date!
And get ready for the best year of your life in 2008!

Studies have shown that goji's powerful polysaccharides can help the body to fight free radicals by normalizing levels of all three of the important antioxidant enzymes - superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px).

Goji - A Winning Tradition Of Thousands Of Years

Spiffy The Original World Famous Goji Dog!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Check These Clues As Guides When Examining Whether A Skeptic Is Being Honest.

I have observed two types of people in this world I will discuss: Number one kind - Constructive thinkers and doers and the other kind: leeches and destroyers. I have noticed two things about this. First of all it is easier to wreck something then to build something up. Secondly, those that tear down products or ideas inevitably cannot think of a better idea or way of doing it, if asked. So why should they in anyway be considered an expert on why things stink or are scams, etc.

Think about this, what qualifies someone to be considered an expert on any certain topic, product, etc.? If said person/ so called expert cannot come up with a better or superior method of building a similar product, should we really consider them as an expert? So when a non-expert in a certain field or area comments on a product should we value their negative comments any more then any other non-expert? I myself, could not rely on this type of individual but would look at it further.

Am I saying a person can't be critical of a product or service if they're not an expert? Certainly not.

We should alter our perspective on how we view someone speaking highly negative of a product or calling it junk or a scam? Aren't we conditioned to at first believe them, right? Realistically, it would be wise to heed their speech with a skeptical mind until we learn more about it for these reasons.

1. More people are more negative than positive so rather than look on the bright side of things they look for something negative to happen.

2. For this principal alone - nothing no matter how good will ever have 100% acceptance. Plus there will always be at least a small minority of people (competitors) hurt by it and some of these people will scream the loudest that your product is no good or a scam. Even to the point of lying as it very likely takes business away from them. There is nothing they would like better than to see your product fail.

3. Persons with time on their hands, those that haven't accomplished anything, usually fill that time with criticizing something. With time, effort and practice, great things are accomplished. The unaccomplished critic spends his time looking for non-existent defects in a product, for which they can complain about and feel like they accomplished something.

How can a person scrutinize a skeptic and whether you can believe what is being said by them? Firstly, know that there are various kinds of criticism and negativism against a product or service. There are always the usual skeptics of the product that will express dissatisfaction. Here you should examine the number of dissatisfied verses satisfied users. If there are a great number of dissatisfied users, then it is a sign the product just isn't much. If you see a lot of testimonies of people happy with the product, then it is probably a very good product even though some negative skeptics may exist. Think of it like this; as popular as Hawaii is for a vacation, there will always be those who wish they were somewhere else.

Not all skeptics are honest.

1. A certain giveaway to dishonesty from critics would be the balance in their article of negative verses positives. If it is all negative the critic is probably mad about something more than the product. Remember almost everything has something good you could say about it. Examine all of the evidence to begin with. A product with a proven history of years of happy users is probably very good despite what one or two critics say.

2. Awful products seldom survive for a long time and you would have to look long and hard to find anything positive that has been written about them.

3. When you hear about a scam you should know it is only a scam when the consumer has been actually taken advantage of. When a consumer can get his money back, that is not a scam no matter what some nut might say. Good products will have a longer than the norm guarantee, a scam will typically have the very minimum required by law.

Lastly, but not least I want to cover what I call the "assassin on a mission to destroy." Under no circumstances should you believe these types. Most of the time they go out of their way to under-handedly criticize a product, because the product they’re attacking is so good and effective they fear losing business to it. Or they’re doing the bidding of someone, in the role of the duped sap as that other person stands to lose big time if the product really succeeds.

If you see where a lot of resources and time is being spent on webpages, newletters, forums and similar things, that are trashing a product, especially one that is several years old and successful, and has a tremendous amount of positive talk about it. Then it is time to wonder about the integrity of the skeptic. Usually the skeptic won’t mention whether the product works or not, instead will search for something someone says that they can use to attack the product.

An example would be a product that has enjoyed tremendous success and some well intending excited marketing person will spout off about the product and end up saying it will do more it was built to do. The dishonest skeptic will not examine the product against what the company says it will do, but instead against what an overzealous distributor has said. They’ll ignore what the company says and instead call it a scam because it doesn’t do something for which it was never intended.

Consider how ridiculous and dishonest it is that the skeptic is calling it a scam because it doesn't do what it was never advertised to do. Now the skeptic has become the real scammer.

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