Saturday, May 14, 2005

Weight Loss and Swimming Exercises Plus News Articles on Obese and Overweight People.

I was reading a study about a swimming exercise to help people lose weight. The results were somewhat surprising. While the participants burned about the same amount of calories whether they exercised in cool water (68 degrees F) or warm water (91 degrees F) and interesting trend was noticed. The students after exercising in the cold water ate foods with almost 44 percent higher calories than after the warm..

Here’s another disgusting article I read – this is typical of the news spin that is prominent today. Only telling part of a story instead of telling both sides. In this particular case the news was if you’re way overweight companies are paying you $2.58 per hour less than people who aren’t overweight.

Here is the key information that the news report leaves out. Did these obese people produce less work than their non-overweight colleagues? A good question is ask but it was not reported. Also it’s a unfortunate fact that obese people have more health problems than non-obese people, so did these people miss more work? None of this information was contained in article, this is either a case of very sloppy reporting or covering up information. In other words an investigation was missing as to whether there were circumstances that explained the difference in pay.

I firmly believe that if two people perform the same work they should get paid the same, regardless of weight, sex, color and the color of their undershorts (thrown in for humor).

I get tired of news organization trying to make news and sell stories on half truths or doing a poor job of investigation.

For example I could hand-pick 10 of laziest dumbest girls from one town and 10 of the smartest, motivated boys from another town and give them both standardized tests. Then release an article with the headline, 10th grade boys in Town X are twice as smart as 10th grade girls in Town Y.

See the fallacy of this type of reporting. So if the article had been about Overweight people who produced the same amount of work and missed no more work than normal weight people earned less, well now you have a story.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against overweight people, there are some extremely talented and hardworking people who are overweight.

I just have a problem with people reporting the news who choose to not report all the facts.

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